Israel frees two hostages by bombing Rafah, 74 killed. Loktej World News

Israel frees two hostages by bombing Rafah, 74 killed.  Loktej World News

Rafah, 13 February (HIST). In Rafah, the southern city of Gaza near the border with Egypt, Israel Security Forces (IDF) safely released two hostages from the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas by carrying out a rapid air strike and bombing. At least 74 Palestinian civilians lost their lives in the overnight bombings.

According to the report of America’s leading newspaper The New York Times, the Israeli army took out the two hostages from the Hamas hideout without any loss or even a single scratch. Gaza’s health ministry said dozens of Palestinians had been killed in the crowded city. The two people who were rescued include Fernando Simon Marmon (60) and Lewis Haar (70). Both have dual citizenship of Israel and Argentina. The health of both is being examined in a hospital in Tel Aviv.

According to The Times of Israel report, this latest development will not affect efforts to reach an agreement between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group on the release of other hostages. Talks between senior officials from the United States, Egypt, Israel and Qatar are expected to resume in Cairo on Tuesday. According to the report, the French Foreign Ministry says that so far 42 people have been safely evacuated from Gaza. America (White House) is happy with the release of two hostages. The White House has expressed grief over the deaths of Palestinian civilians during the operation.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says the news of the release of two hostages from Rafah is pleasing. Now our main goal is to release the remaining 134 hostages. US State Department spokesman Matt Miller has said that Israel has the “right” to conduct an operation to free the hostages. Meanwhile, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan in Beirut has said that Israel is not serious about the release of the hostages.

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