Israeli missiles hit Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, 26 killed. Loktej World News

Israeli missiles hit Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, 26 killed.  Loktej World News

Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, November 18 (HS). Even today (Saturday), on the 43rd day of the war between Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas and Israel, there is a fierce battle in the Gaza Strip. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are carrying out rapid attacks on Hamas targets. Meanwhile, the Israeli army has fired missiles at the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. 26 Palestinians have been killed in this attack. Most of them are children. Israel says that the people here were given advance warning to evacuate Khan Yunis. After this, missile attacks were carried out on Hamas positions.

According to media reports, Israel’s army, taking charge, has started selectively targeting Hamas positions. Missiles have been fired at Khan Yunis. The Israeli military had warned people to evacuate Khan Yunis before the attack. The IDF had said that if this city was not evacuated then the consequences would be bad. In this regard, the statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aide Mark Regev has come to light. He said that a warning had been issued to the people of Gaza. It was clearly said that the army will carry out all kinds of attacks on Khan Younis to eliminate Hamas. Therefore, the people living there should go somewhere else.

Another report said that the IDF has intensified the search for the families of the terrorists who attacked Hamas. The IDF captured Qutaiba Omar al-Kwasma in Hebron at night. His brother had attacked security forces on Tunnel Road in Jerusalem earlier this week. The IDF has claimed that Hamas has a tunnel whose one end is found at a mosque. This tunnel and mosque have also been used by Hamas for military purposes. Reports said Israeli warplanes overnight targeted several areas of the Jabaliya refugee camp, homes in Beit Lahiya, residential towers in Gaza’s Sheikh Zayed City and areas around an Indonesian hospital.

Amid the conflict, Israel is said to have agreed to allow daily fuel deliveries through its blockade of Gaza for humanitarian purposes, at the insistence of the US. Media reports say that the remaining people in Gaza, which has become Maktal, are digging under the debris in search of their relatives. People fear that these people may be buried under the debris of houses that have been piled up like a deck of cards. Forty-five people lived in the four-story houses of Omar al-Darwi and his neighbors. Of these, 32 have died in the attack. Darvi and others have taken out 27 bodies from the debris. The United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that approximately 2,700 people are missing, including 1,500 children. It is believed that they are buried under the debris of ruined houses. Meanwhile, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia have called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

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