It is good if politicians need artists, know why actress Pallavi Joshi said this

It is good if politicians need artists, know why actress Pallavi Joshi said this

National Award winning actress and producer Pallavi Joshi’s film The Vaccine War is going to hit the theaters soon. She calls this film a national film, which everyone should watch because it talks about the hard work and dedication of the scientists of our country. Conversation with Urmila Kori.

You have worked with Nana Patekar before, how was it working this time?

There’s always a little fear, but that’s like old wine. He has matured with age. I worked with him in Trishagni and Andhayudh in the 80s and then now. I forgot my lines while doing a scene with him. I kept looking at them. The performance coming from him as an actor was very attractive. My mouth dropped open and he asked me, what happened? You have to say your lines. I said sorry, it was so wonderful that I forgot my lines. I had become a common spectator. He is the same, he has not changed.

What is the strategy behind releasing your The Vaccine War first abroad and then releasing it here?

There is no strategy. We did all the research for Kashmir files in America and Britain. Since most of the Kashmiri Pandits have settled in America and Britain. We also wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand but due to the lockdown we could not go. We went and met him in 2019 and we promised him that we will show him the film first. This time when we made this film, Kashmiri Pandits called us and requested us to release the film here, because after Kashmir Files we want to do something for you. They wanted to celebrate this film because it talks about India and many Kashmiri Pandits are scientists, biologists and doctors. He wanted to watch the film because he has worked with Indian scientists and knows them personally.

Do they want to come back after Article 370?

Yes, they want and they said that they will also give money for it, buy some land and build a colony. Some of them are very old and hope to see their homes before they die.

As a producer, is your focus only on making issue-based films?

We had initially planned a trilogy on files, we made Tashkent files, then Kashmir files and our next film will be Delhi files. In which we have focused on the national symbol lion. Where it means that only truth prevails. We worked on right to truth, right to justice and right to life. We did it on the life of Lal Bahadur Shastri because we do not know the truth about what democracy is. Second, we decided the Kashmir files as a matter of right to justice. So many people were killed in communal riots and no one was punished. Everyone has the right to life. If we do not save our democracy, then one day it will turn into mobocracy. So we have decided on Delhi Files, after that Vivek wants to do another film, let’s see how things work out. We want to make cinema not to keep ourselves busy but for the sake of meaning. I want to leave behind such a legacy that my children will say that my mother did this for our country. That is my dream. I would also like to make films with other producers, provided I get a chance to do some good work.

We have heard that some leaders are promoting such films?

Who are they, till now we needed politicians, but now it would be better if they needed artists.

You have won national awards along with accolades for Kashmir Files, but do you have to face hatred continuously? Did it make any changes in your life?

Many, many people have started hating me. It also brought a big change in life. We lost our privacy completely. We had to take security. As a family we can no longer travel in the same car, we are always under security surveillance.

Do your children have to face problems due to this?

Fortunately no. I had done a good job. During the making of Kashmir Files, I knew that the subject was very sensitive. When Vivek said that we have to make a film on this, I had no idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation of Kashmiri Pandits. I had heard a little but not that much. Every day we met four people who told us stories of their families, how their sisters were gang-raped, grandfathers or fathers were shot alive. The stories we heard were horrifying. When I listened to the stories, Vivek and I could not sleep and our brains stopped working. I told Vivek that it is a difficult film to make because we have to stay true to reality. After this film I fell in love with Vivek again. It was a difficult script to write because we had heard a lot. This was the time when I decided to talk to the children. I told my children that we are planning a film on this topic and since they are venturing into cinema, it will have an impact on their future. I said think about it and tell me. He said, this is your life, your dream so go ahead. Things went smoothly for us. We read the script to him and he wanted to be in the film. He handled the production and was an assistant and director and also worked on the research for the film. Vivek got him to work in films also. Which JNU Did the scene. He is there along with Raju Kher’s son also. Since he worked on it, it had no impact on his life. They know these to be true.

Tell us a little about your children?

My daughter is 24 years old now and she is in production. He did three films with us. He has recently completed a web series for Excel Entertainment. He doesn’t want to act. Son is helping Vivek. The entire post production of the vaccine was handled by him. Everything scientific has been handled by Mannan. Everyone wanted some emotional angle but he did not allow it. He knows how to control his parents. When Vivek is on the set, he is very comfortable…he keeps pace with the young generation. He worked with Mannan and his friends and most of our assistants were young. We have such a big youth based country. We have to meet their needs. This is a very intelligent generation and the first generation which is completely free from the colonial mentality. Our parents grew up in that environment and they forced us to do the same. Today’s children are not like this.

Do you want to work only with Vivek or are you open to other directors also?

Of course I am ready for other directors also, but Vivek does not give me time. Working with family is relaxing. Besides, I am not here just to make money. There is no desire for a very big house or car.

Don’t you argue with each other?

of course we do. How boring would life be without arguments. How will you compromise without any debate?

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