Japan: Radioactive water leaks from tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant

Japan: Radioactive water leaks from tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant

Radioactive water leaked from a treatment machine at the tsunami-hit Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant. However, no one was injured due to this. Plant officials gave this information.

He said that radiation monitoring showed that the leak had no impact on the external environment. Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings, which operates the plant, said a worker discovered the leak Wednesday morning while checking a valve in the Seri, a treatment machine designed primarily to remove cesium and strontium from contaminated water. got to know.

It said the machine has been shut down for maintenance work. The company said that about 5.5 metric tons of radioactive water had leaked, but the radioactive water could not come out of the plant premises. It said the leaked water was 10 times more radioactive than the limit that can be legally released.

Company spokesman Kenichi Takahara said the leaked water has been completely cleaned up and the soil that came in contact with it is also being removed. It’s not clear when the machine started leaking, but the company said an inspection Tuesday found no problems.

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