Know how to grow camphor plant at home

Know how to grow camphor plant at home

Camphor Plant: We all know the importance of camphor during worship. It is used in many special religious rituals and yagya puja. Its aroma is also very good. But do you know how it is made? Actually, it is prepared from the bark of a tree, the name of this tree is Camphor which is commonly known as Camphor tree. This tree also has many health benefits, hence it is also used to make medicines. Camphor tree is very good for the environment and it works to purify the air. Due to increasing demand, camphor has started being made artificially but its tree is in great demand. It is found in many countries such as China, Japan and Taiwan. In India, it is found widely in the Kolkata area. If you are thinking of planting a camphor plant in your home, then we will tell you how you can do it.

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Camphor Plant: How to plant camphor plant?

You can buy camphor plant from any nursery. To plant it in a pot, you will have to mix soil and fertilizer well in it. Then plant camphor plant in it and water it thoroughly. Moist soil or sandy soil is most beneficial for growing camphor. With this, you have to keep it in a place where there is good sunlight. If you have a big garden in your house then you can also plant it directly in the ground. Always keep in mind that it is getting adequate amount of light. For this plant to grow well, you will need to give it a good amount of water. If you want to grow a plant from its seeds, you will have to wait for spring.

Camphor Plant: How is camphor prepared?

Camphor tree can grow at least 50-100 feet. Camphor is made from the bark of this tree. The bark of this tree is cut into small pieces which are called wood chips. These wood chips are heated, then when the steam is ready, it is left to transform into crystals and through this, powder is made. Camphor is then prepared from this powder.

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