‘Kolkata Express’ Superfast!; Delhi’s 106 raid defeat

‘Kolkata Express’ Superfast!;  Delhi’s 106 raid defeat

Visakhapatnam; Circle: Sunil Narayan and Angkrish Raghuvanshi’s stormy batting in the IPL series match at Balawar, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Delhi Capitals by 106 runs in a one-sided match. Batting first, KKR made 272 runs after 7 runs and in reply, Delhi Capitals scored 17.2 runs and scored 166 runs in all out. (DC vs KKR)

Opener Sunil Narayan got KKR off to a flying start by firing 85 runs in 39 overs and due to this, Sanghala could not stop running after that. Sahakari Salamiveer Salt 18th runner-up Paratala Asla Tari third place Angkrish Raghuvanshi 27th runner 54th runner Raining Narenla supported at the right time. Or added 104 runners for a century in the third round. Narayan Jhala after converting second wicket, at that time KKR would have scored 164 runs in 12.3 sixes. (DC vs KKR)

After that, most of the batsmen kept batting after batting and hence the run count continued to be high and due to this, KKR scored 272 runs after the stipulated 20 sixes and 7 overs.

With 273 runs to win, Delhi Capitals got off to a bad start and were unable to recover from it at all. Both Warner (18) and Prithvi Shaw (10) were bowled after the opening batsman and due to their lack of performance, Mitchell Marsh and Abhishek Porel or the third and fourth placed batsmen were not able to score at all.

Captain Rishabh Pant at number five and experienced batsman at number five Tristan Stubbs or Madhya Pradesh batted brilliantly and definitely scored half-centuries. But perhaps it would have been better to face the fate of Delhi in the east. Pant’s 25 off 55 runs and Stubbs’s 32 off 54 runs would have been successful.

Vaibhav Arora completed the quota of 4 sixes for KKR with 27 runs and 3 wickets while Varun Chakraborty scored 4 sixes and 33 runs and 3 wickets for such sharp bowling. Apart from this, Starcne conceded 2 wickets while Andre Russell and Sunil Narine conceded 1 wicket each.

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