Lifestyle: Do you also have the habit of bathing more than twice a day, know its effect

Lifestyle: Do you also have the habit of bathing more than twice a day, know its effect

damage to skin, hair

If you’re accustomed to showering first thing in the morning, enjoy longer, hot baths after a workout and before bed. So you are causing more harm to your health than you think. Using soap too often and spending too much time in the shower can damage your skin, hair and even affect your reproductive health.

Your hair may appear more sticky

Freshly washed hair looks and feels great, but shampooing your hair too often can actually make it oilier. Every time you apply your favorite shampoo, it dries out your scalp a little, causing it to produce more sebum in response. If you’re in the habit of washing your hair daily, your scalp gets this message. That your scalp needs to constantly produce more oil to keep it from becoming excessively dry. In turn, this will cause your hair to become greasy more quickly.

Your skin may start feeling dry.

It doesn’t feel good not to bathe regularly, but using soap too often can cause more harm than good. Shower gel, soap and hot water remove healthy bacteria and essential oils from your skin. These oils help keep your skin young and glowing for longer, and some dermatologists even recommend bathing 2-3 times a week to prevent itching and excessively dry skin.

more dandruff than usual

Many shampoos claim to make your hair shiny, thick and dandruff-free, but using them too much actually does the opposite. Washing your hair too much causes itching and irritation in your scalp. This can eventually lead to dandruff, and in some cases even hair loss.

Skin may become more sensitive

Taking long, hot showers seems like a healthy way to stay clean and keep nasty germs away but exposing your body to some dirt and bacteria makes your immune system stronger and fight off viruses more effectively. Helps in fighting. Bathing too often disturbs the microbiome of your skin, which causes irritation in the skin and makes it appear cracked and red.

difficult to untangle hair

Blow-drying your hair immediately after showering can give you that fresh-out-of-the-salon look, but making it a daily habit won’t do your hair any good. Washing your hair too often can cause it to become dry, weak and prone to breakage. When your hair is weak and breaks easily, it is harder to brush and style it.

Reproductive health may be affected

Your private parts clean themselves naturally with secretions, and using scented soaps and gels to wash them can affect their healthy pH levels leading to bacterial imbalance, irritation and even That can also affect your reproductive health.

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