Lithium ion battery took the life of 27 year old Indian youth in New York!

Lithium ion battery took the life of 27 year old Indian youth in New York!

New York: 27-year-old Indian man Fazil Khan died in a massive fire incident in Harlem on Friday due to the battery of his e-bike. The Indian Embassy in New York expressed condolences to Khan’s family and said they were ready to provide all possible assistance. The Indian Embassy in New York identified the deceased as Fazil Khan. Khan was a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

Fire caused by lithium-ion battery

Daily News quoted the local fire department as saying that the fire was caused by a lithium-ion battery in an e-bike. According to Daily News, the fire broke out on the top floor of the building, after which people started jumping out of the windows. 17 other people were also injured in the incident.

Indian Embassy in touch with the family of the deceased

The Indian Consulate General in New York said they were in touch with Khan’s family and would provide “all possible assistance” to India in the return of Khan’s mortal remains. The Red Cross is assisting dozens of people with temporary accommodation at a nearby school.

Order to evacuate the entire building after the incident

“The fire was so severe, flames were coming out of the door and blocking the stairs, hampering rescue operations,” ANI quoted fire department chief John Hodgens as saying. Following the incident, a ‘complete vacate’ order was issued by the building construction department.

This incident once again highlights the dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries.

This incident once again makes us aware of the dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries. To avoid fire incidents, it is important that we take the following precautions. Charge the lithium-ion battery only using the charger recommended by the manufacturer, do not allow the battery to overheat, protect the battery from being damaged, keep the battery out of the reach of children and pets, in case of fire, immediately Call the fire department and try to move to a safe place. It is also important that we keep fire extinguishers in our homes and know how to use them.

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