‘Living fossil’ plant from dinosaur era

‘Living fossil’ plant from dinosaur era

Canberra; circle organization: It is believed that ‘Wollemi Pine’, a nameless plant, became extinct twenty million years ago. The plant was re-discovered in a group of Giryaroknchya only in the year 1994. Therefore, dinosaurs came to be called ‘living fossils’ of the ancient or plant world. How the plant remained strong, there would be mysterious explanations for this. Whether he knows how to decode the genome of a plant or not, he is trying to unravel its mystery.

In 1994, a group of climbers discovered a very strange tree in the Bolemi National Park, a hundred kilometers west of Sydney, Australia. While visiting Baba Park, he gave a demonstration to an expert and he also gave samples of plants to a botanist. At that time, the vegetation of Ulgada Jhala belonged to the period when earth-moving dinosaurs would have existed. During that time, plant species would have become extinct. Tila Bollemi Pine or ‘Bollemia Nobilis’ is a plant found in the Cretaceous period between 145 million to 666 million years ago.

At present only 60 such trees exist in the forests. Or ancient dusting is a betrayal of Vanvanya. The same plant species is believed to have become extinct 20 lakh years ago. The genome of the modified plant or plant from Australia, America and Italy has been decoded. This may shed new light on issues related to plant evolution and reproduction. Also how can they be promoted, only this information can be obtained. Or pine tree has 26 chromosomes and in which 12.2 billion

‘Base pairs’ means basic pairs. In comparison, humans have only 3 billion base pairs, hey special! The size of the genome is large and the Tari Bolami pine plant itself is extremely lacking in genetic diversity. The number of phylogeny, or plant species, is becoming clear at once, said Gerard Schönknecht, director of the National Science Foundation’s Plant Genome Research Program.

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