Many pilots of Vistara Airlines took medical leave together

Many pilots of Vistara Airlines took medical leave together


Vistara Airlines: Indian airlines are already facing problems. But, Tata Group (Tata Group)’s Vistara Airlines’ problems have now become serious. It is being told that more than 100 flights of the company may be canceled this week. Last week also, many Vistara services were canceled and some flights were delayed. According to the report, the problem is being attributed to a temporary shortage of pilots. However, now in the matter the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) has become active. The ministry has sought a detailed report in the matter from Vistara Airlines. In this, the company will have to tell the ministry about the reason for airline flight delay and cancellation.

Why the sudden shortage of pilots?

Giving this information on Monday, sources said that many first officers have gone on medical leave in protest against the pay revision, due to which the airline had to cancel 50 flights. Sources related to the matter said that more flights are likely to be canceled on Tuesday and this number may increase to 70. A Vistara spokesperson said that in the last few days, due to various reasons including crew shortage, the airline had to cancel a large number of flights and in many cases got delayed.

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What does the company say?

Vistara spokesperson said in a statement that we have decided to temporarily reduce the number of our flights to ensure adequate connectivity in our network. The airline apologized for the disruption, but did not provide details about the number of flights cancelled. The spokesperson also said that efforts are being made to normalize the situation and regular operations will resume soon. Sources said Vistara is facing a shortage of pilots following the revision of monthly salaries for first officers of its A320 fleet under the new contracts. Executives who reported sick forced the airline to cancel flights as their salaries were slashed. He claimed that some components of the salary have been reduced, while incentives related to flying hours have been increased.
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