Marais Erasmus: ‘England won the World Cup due to mediocre quality’, retired referee Erasmus’s statement

Marais Erasmus: ‘England won the World Cup due to mediocre quality’, retired referee Erasmus’s statement


Pudhari Online Desk: Because of my wise decision, England won the 2019 ODI World Cup. I am sorry for that, such a cow slaughter. Banana by African puncher Marais Erasmus. He expressed his sentiments in an interview after retirement.

Marais Erasmus announced his retirement. The grounds were closed for umpiring in the last Test match between New Zealand and Australia between 8 and 11 March. After retirement, he gave an interview to an English daily named Nuktich. At this time he expressed regret for the two biggest mistakes he made in his umpiring career.

Marais Erasmus said, I will never forget the final match of the 2019 World Cup. England would have needed three wickets and nine runners. Ben Stokes played a big hit. He completed the first run comfortably with non-striker Adil Rashid. After that, both of them went to take the second one. The New Zealand fielder threw a banana at the wicketkeeper. At the same time, to avoid being chased, Jhepavala moved towards Stokes’ crease. But before the ball could reach the wicketkeeper, it hit Stokes’ bat and crossed the boundary. After that there was a discussion between the other field panch Kumar Dharamsen and me. Both of us communicated directly with the third punch. During the discussions, 6 raids were conducted on England. But later Kale’s 5 runs were in vain, because when the throw was made, the second run was not completed by the batsmen.

mistake of attacking 6 instead of 5

‘The next day in the morning, when I came out of the hotel room, I met Kumar Dharamsena in the corridor, he asked me that I had made a big mistake in the Kalchaya match, do you know? Then I realized that when the ball was bowled, Rashid and Stokes had not taken the crease. Due to which 5 raids would have been necessary. But six attacks were made from us. It was then that we realized that we had made a big mistake. Unfortunately, this incident will never go away,’

Ross Taylor repents after making a mistake

‘New Zealand’s Ross Taylor felt remorse for being given out LBW in a sloppy manner. After Taylor’s Padwar change, the English players made a strong appeal. Taylor quickly took the decision and then declared it. But later I realized that the ball would have been a running ball on top of the pad. After the meeting, Taylor’s review was complete due to the fact that he left the ground. My first mistake would have been in the seven-week competition itself. Due to which I was very disappointed. Because had I made any mistake, it would have looked completely different. After the successful tailoring, the overall results were obtained,’ said Erasmus.


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