Matthew Hayden: ‘Dhoni ha magician, dus-yachya kachariyala banwato sonam’

Matthew Hayden: ‘Dhoni ha magician, dus-yachya kachariyala banwato sonam’

Pudhari Online Desk : The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team has reached the final round of IPL 2023 and has achieved only 10 records under the leadership of MS Dhoni. After CSK’s success, Australia’s great cricketer Matthew Hayden wanted Dhoni’s captaincy and he made big statements while talking to PTI about India’s great cricketer.

‘Dhoni the magician’

‘Dhoni is a magician, who transforms other’s garbage into gold. At the beginning of the tournament, Sangh’s bowling was weak but Dhoni made the best of it. The way he used Ajinkya Rahane and Shivam Dubey in the batting itself, he used it, and then he did it,’ Hayden expressed his feeling. Also, Hayden made shocking statements regarding Dhoni’s retirement. So he said, ‘Dhoni or the competition played with an injury. He has given himself eight to nine months to decide his future as a player. However, in the next IPL, he will not be seen playing the field, as is the clear opinion of Matthew Hayden Mandalay.

Hayden added, ‘CSK’s Yashat Dhoni has contributed so much that it is almost useless to talk about his future as a player for the franchise. So he is a very efficient and positive leader. The coordination between the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and its team is very strong.

opportunities for future young players

There is a process to achieve every goal and Dhoni has shown the same with the Indian Association and also with CSK. Can’t blame the players who have signed up for national contracts to play franchise cricket around the world. In the future, young players will play cricket, asil tar te franchise cricket, it is sure,’ said Matthew Hayden.

‘Enthusiasm for Kasoti Cricket’

Hayden also said that due to the increasing trend of T20 cricket across the world, it has become difficult for the players to play in all the three formats. The era of players playing in all three formats is coming to an end. The excitement of playing Test cricket is immense and the World Test Championship is an example of that.’

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