mcx technical glitch commodity market face technical problem mdn

mcx technical glitch commodity market face technical problem mdn

What is Multi Commodity Exchange

Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) is an Indian purpose-built commodity exchange board. It is an officially trusted commodity exchange board that operates the exchange of many major commodity products in India. MCX is the largest commodity exchange board of India and is recognized for exchanging various textile, food and non-food commodity products.

MCX is a medium of exchange for various commodity products, including:

  • Primary Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

  • Food and grains (rice, wheat, cumin, gram)

  • Commercial and non-commercial oils (husk, crude oil, petroleum)

  • Energy (Petroleum, Natural Gas)

  • Nata and products (cotton, jaggery, jute)

Various exchange related titles are available for commodity products traded on MCX, such as futures and options. These products are available for regular exchange, subject to various terms and conditions. MCX is headquartered in Mumbai and operates under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority of India and the Financial Markets Corporation of India. It is an important player in promoting commodity exchange in the Indian market.

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