Meta Layoff: Facebook Meta laid off 10,000 employees

Meta Layoff: Facebook Meta laid off 10,000 employees

Pudhari Online Desk : Meta Layoff : Facebook’s parent company Meta has laid off 10,000 employees. The coat that is removed is considered to be the last coat. The company would have declared bananas in three rounds in the month of March. Out of them only the third round is there. So the company is believed to have implemented the last job cap.

Due to the recession in the tech sector around the world, there have been job cuts in almost all companies due to cost reduction and various other reasons. Facebook’s parent company Meta is also no exception. Facebook Metane Meta Layoff announced in three phases in March, there would have been bananas announced in March to cut jobs. Out of them, the third biggest cut has been made. Metan has mentored employees working in teams such as marketing, site security, enterprise engineering, program management, content strategy and corporate communications. So many unfortunately got no job link din var nele.

Meta itself became the first major technology company to lay off jobs earlier this year. The company would have fired more than 11,000 employees in the last second phase. meta layoff

In March, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that most of the second round of lockdowns would take place in three phases over several months, with the process largely mixed in the middle. After that, he mentioned the possibility of short rounds of lockout.

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