Monkey Fever Symptoms: What is Monkey Fever, know its symptoms

Monkey Fever Symptoms: What is Monkey Fever, know its symptoms

Monkey Fever Symptoms: Monkey fever cases are increasing very rapidly in the Indian state of Karnataka. This fever is living like a normal fever in the initial days. But its effect is gradually being seen on the suffering people. Two people have also died due to monkey fever in Karnataka. Let us know what is monkey fever, its symptoms and ways to avoid it etc.

what is monkey fever

Actually, monkey fever is a very dangerous virus. It is also known as Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD). It is a hemorrhagic fever, which occurs in people due to Kyasanur Forest Disease virus. Monkey virus is spread to monkeys, langurs and bonnet macaques through the bites of infected ticks.

What are the symptoms of monkey fever?


The initial symptoms of monkey fever are fever, headache, severe muscle pain, weakness, diarrhea, fatigue, pain or swelling in the eyes, bleeding from the nose and gums, frequent vomiting, etc.

How to avoid monkey fever


It is noteworthy that there is no specific treatment for monkey fever yet. However, to avoid monkey fever, avoid going to those wild areas where the risk of this disease is highest. If you are going to a wooded area, wear long-sleeved clothes, pants and closed shoes. To avoid monkey fever, do not go near monkeys.

For now, let us tell you that if you have gone to a place where monkey fever patients are found the most and after coming back from there, you are also experiencing symptoms like fever, muscle pain, then contact the doctor immediately.

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