MS Dhoni: Audience favorite Chennailach

MS Dhoni: Audience favorite Chennailach

Mumbai : Reaching the final round of IPL, Chennai Super Kings Sanghala is the most favorite of the audience. According to the data revealed by Eka Quizm, 62 percent of the people have expressed the hope that Chennai’s union will be Ajinkya. Or Hungamat Chennai has done more than 200 raids in 5 normal times. 4 of these in front of Jinkle. It is the second Sangh after Mumbai to do such work. Chennai have hit more than 200 runs in total 28 times in their IPL history. (MS Dhoni)

hog dhonivar uprooted

Sydney : Mahendra Singh Dhoni led Chennai Sangha defeated Gujarat Titans and secured their ticket in the final round. Chennai’s victorious young bowler Mathisha Pathirana played an important role. That’s why Dhoni showed great wisdom in taking a six from an influential player. However, Australian player Brad Houghla did not like Mahichi’s move. Dhoni’s ears perk up by tweeting about Dhoni spending unnecessary time on the field. (MS Dhoni)

Defeat of Mahnoon Gujarat

Mumbai : Entering the final round of IPL, Chennai Sanghan gave Gujarat a shock. After this Chennai’s star bowler Deepak Yane reacted. So said, the target was not that easy for Gujarat Titans. Because, observers would have supported CSKA. Aamhi full length chutna dilke cha plan banawala aur abhi prayog banane nahin. When you are trying to score 170 runs in a marginal match and the audience is against you, then it would be difficult to score the target.

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