Must visit these places with friends

Must visit these places with friends


College days means less money in the pocket, but big dreams in the eyes, but management was also correct only then even with less money and now there is money, so there is no leave from office work to fulfill your dreams. But if you are going through this beautiful journey of your life right now, then get ready to add some memorable moments to the most beautiful journey of your life. It is during the college days that most of the youth are excited to do exciting activities, to know about mysterious things, to deepen their blossoming love. Today, to make your beautiful journey memorable, we take you on these beautiful places in India where you can live the best moments of your life without worrying about your pocket. So pack your bags and get ready for the most beautiful journey of your life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the lofty mountains of the Himalayas from a height? The picturesque view of the Himalayan mountains from the rope-suspended cable car in Mussoorie will mesmerize you. For a while, go on a sky walk away from the whole world and capture the most beautiful experience in the world with your most beautiful friends.

Chel, Shimla
About 44 kms from Shimla and about 45 kms from Solan, get yourself immersed in the lap of nature while traveling to Chel. Trekking amidst nature will be the most breathtaking moment of your life. Lots of chats with your friends, the beauty of nature and just your beautiful experience, what more do you want from life.

The enthusiasm to do some dangerous and exciting work is maximum during college days. To fulfill this enthusiasm, let’s go on a sailing trip to Rishikesh, river and capture these beautiful moments of our adventure in the camera.

Who doesn’t love birds? Every time I wish that I wish we too had wings like those who spread wherever they wanted, flew whenever they wanted. To enhance your love for birds, do not forget to visit Bharatpur, Rajasthan’s Bird Sanctuary. Fulfill your photography hobby by capturing their beautiful moments in your camera.

Ranthambore Wildlife
The dream of seeing the king of the jungle face to face will not remain a dream for you after coming here. To turn this dream of yours into reality, head out to the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhopur district of Rajasthan.

If you are bored with the same classes of your college everyday and want to go somewhere where you and your peace and have some pleasant moments with your friends, then don’t delay, leave now to visit Chakrata. . Have fun with friends in this sparsely populated area away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Fulfill your childhood dream of ‘experiencing a royal luxury on an elephant ride’ and indulge in a trip to the Royal Safari of Jaipur. Taking an elephant ride in the big forts of the kings and emperors will be a royal experience for you.

Camping with friends is the first wish in the wishlist of college days. What can be a better place than Ranikhet to fulfill this wish. Ranikhet is most famous for its magical views and camping.

Pratapgarh Farms
Everyone has a group during college days. Make plans with your same group and head out to Pratapgarh Farms which is just two hours away from Delhi. Bring back the beautiful moments of your childhood by enjoying the view of lush green fields, experience of working in the fields, enjoying the country games of childhood like kho-kho, kabaddi, pitthu etc.


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