New Parliament In India While British Parliament Can Crumble Anytime MPs Life At Stake

New Parliament In India While British Parliament Can Crumble Anytime MPs Life At Stake

London: On the one hand, where the new Parliament is to be inaugurated in India, on the other hand thousands of miles away in Britain, MPs are pleading for the repair of the old Parliament. The building of the old Parliament of India is completely fine even today. It is surprising that the Britishers who got the Parliament building constructed in India, are now appealing to get their building repaired. The faster the British monarchy is weakening in the world, the faster the Parliament building here is also losing its capacity. This has also been confirmed in the report of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recently.Parliament built on the banks of the River Thames
The Parliament of Britain is in the Palace of Westminster and the House of Commons and the House of Lords are in the Palace built on the banks of the River Thames, informally it is called the Parliament building. This building located in Central London was first built in the 11th century. After this it was demolished in 1834 due to the fire incident. After this it was rebuilt again from 1840 to 1876. Once upon a time, the royal family used this building for organizing many events.

use of parliament from the 13th century

Once upon a time it used to be the palace of the King of England. The building began to be used as a parliament from the 13th century. Its construction was completed in 1860 by Charles Barrie and his assistants Augustus Welby and Northmore Pugin. The roof of the Parliament of the UK was originally made of wood. When Germany bombed the UK between 1940 and 1941, the building was targeted 14 times. It was badly damaged in the bombing in 1943. The UK Parliament was last renovated in the 1940s.

Big disaster can come anytime

In the PAC report, it has been said that due to the continuous delay and debate on renovation, this building can be a victim of a major accident at any moment. It has been said in the report that for many decades there is no consensus on renovation. It is in dire need of repair. The repair work has been stuck for five years.

£2 million is being spent every week by Parliament to keep it in good condition. But health and safety concerns are on the rise. It has been clearly stated in the report that if the work is not started soon, then this building may collapse in a major catastrophe. It may collapse even before the work starts.

Demand to shift somewhere else in 2020
According to the report, water is dripping from the roof of the British Parliament, its walls are cracking and the danger of collapse of the building remains constant. PAC says that the renovation work of this building built in the 19th century is going on at a very slow pace. In 2018, after years of indecisiveness, parliamentarians gave permission to repair it. It was also voted that by the middle of the year 2020 it will be shifted somewhere else. This decision has since been questioned by MPs who do not want to leave it.

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