North Korea claims successful launch of hypersonic ballistic missile

North Korea claims successful launch of hypersonic ballistic missile


Seoul (Uttam Hindu News): North Korea claimed on Wednesday that it had successfully test-fired a new intermediate-range hypersonic ballistic missile (IRBM). He said that all the missiles developed in the country are now equipped with solid fuel and nuclear weapons capability. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un guided the test of the Hwasong-16 missile on Tuesday.

The launch came nearly three months after North Korea tested a medium-range hypersonic missile on January 14. News agency Yonhap reported that last month North Korea tested a solid-fuel engine for a hypersonic IRBM. Kim described the Hwasong-16 missile as a “powerful and strategically offensive weapon.”

According to KCNA, Kim said the country has “completed all missiles of various ranges capable of carrying solid-fuel nuclear warheads.” KCNA said that during the test on Tuesday, the hypersonic missile reached its target after flying a thousand kilometers in the East Sea.

Kim said that developing weapons capable of stopping and controlling enemies is the most urgent task for our country at present. It is noteworthy that North Korea is accelerating weapons testing this year. This includes launches of cruise missiles from sea and land and firing exercises involving multiple rocket launchers.

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