Norway Ambassador Mrs. Chatterjee angry with Versus Norway, said wrongly shown

Norway Ambassador Mrs.  Chatterjee angry with Versus Norway, said wrongly shown

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Rani Mukherjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Neena Gupta starrer film Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is released on 17 March. The Norwegian ambassador in India has now expressed his displeasure over the story of this film directed by Ashima Chhibber. Norway’s ambassador Hans Jacob Friedlind has said that this is just a fictional story. In this film, the real case and the case related to the administration of Norway have been wrongly shown.

It is known that the story of Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway is based on a true incident. In the film, an Indian mother is trying her best to get her children back after getting them out of the legal tussle. How a mother overpowers the legal system and administration of a country to get her children back forms the climax of the film.

Expressing displeasure over the story of the film, the Norwegian Ambassador to India, Hans Jakob Fredenlind, said – the film is showing Norway in a wrong way. In this story, a completely wrong narrative has been created about Norway. Also, many facts have also been misrepresented in the film. In an interview given to the media, Ambassador Hans Jacob Friedlind said – Officially it is necessary for me to take the side of Norway and correct the facts. In order to present the story as a drama in the film, excessive creative liberty has been taken. From watching the film, it seems that the cultural difference between the two countries was the biggest problem in this case. but it’s not like that.

Ambassador Jakob Friedlind said – Without sharing the details of the case, I can say that because of sleeping in the same bed with these children and feeding them by hand, they were not sent to alternative care. It did not happen in this case, nor in any other case. The culture of Norway is not as shown in the film. We also feed our children with our hands.

Talking about his daughter, Ambassador Jakob Friedlind said that he himself tells his children bedtime stories. Fredlind said – When our Indian friends will see this film, what will they think about our culture and us? Will they not feel that we are stone hearted dictators, which we are certainly not.

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