Now go to Meghalaya by train, this ‘good news’ given by the Railways

Now go to Meghalaya by train, this ‘good news’ given by the Railways

If you are in the kingdom of clouds Meghalaya If you want to make a plan to visit, then the next news will bring happiness on your face. Yes… With the electrification of two important railway routes, electric trains are going to run for the first time in the northeastern state of Meghalaya. Information in this regard has been given by the Railways.

According to the information given by the Railways, the Northeast Frontier Railway has achieved this feat by commissioning the 22.823 kilometer railway track between Dudhnai-Mendipathar and the 34.59 kilometer railway track between Abhayapuri-Pancharatna on 15 March.

Passengers will be able to enjoy

Railways said in a statement that at present Mendipthar is the only railway station in Meghalaya which is operational since 2014. This station was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It has been said in the railway statement that more and more passenger and cargo trains will be able to operate from these routes. Time will also be saved by increasing the speed of trains on this route. Parcel and freight trains hauled by electric locomotives from other states will now be able to reach Meghalaya directly.

pollution will also be less

In a statement issued by the Railways, it has been said that electrification will improve the speed of trains in Northeast India, as well as reduce pollution due to running on electricity instead of fossil fuel, the capacity of the railway system in the region will also be improved.

Why should you visit Meghalaya

People mostly choose such a place to roam where there is more natural beauty. Meghalaya is one such place. Meghalaya is a very beautiful place located in the eastern state of India. This state tourist place is known for its beautiful mountain ranges, heavy rainfall, sunshine, high plateaus, breathtaking waterfalls, rivers and attractive meadows.

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