NZ vs SL Test: Sri Lanka defeats Chhayet, New Zealand Malika Vijayachya Umbarthyavar!

NZ vs SL Test: Sri Lanka defeats Chhayet, New Zealand Malika Vijayachya Umbarthyavar!

Pudhari Online Desk : NZ vs SL Test : In the second Test against Sri Lanka, the hosts New Zealand (NZ vs SL) have strengthened their grip. On the third day of Samanya, Sri Lanka’s first innings was 66.5 runs 164 runs Gundalan Kivini Pahunya Sanghala got the follow on and once again got the chance to bat. Diwasakher Sri Lanka scored 113 runs in his second innings scoring 43 centuries and 2 wickets and still need 303 runs. Kusal Mendis 50 and Angelo Mathews are unbeaten with 1 run.

After 2nd day, Sri Lanka got down to 26 runs in the first session of the third day. 19.1 sixes Sri Lankan runs 27 Astana Team Saudienne Prabhat Jayasuriya (4) La Tamboot Pathawale. After that, Angelo Mathewsla (1) landed on the field and did not give a chance to stabilize the field. Matt Henry scored 34 runs in 22.1 seconds and Pahunya Sanghala got the fourth blow. Ithun further Dimuth Karunaratne and Dinesh Chandimal or Jodine Dav Mammalala. The combined population of both brought them ahead of the century. Meanwhile, Karunaratne completed his half-century. Sri Lanka had scored 109 runs after 4 51 centuries till the break. (NZ vs SL Test)

After breakfast, Chandimal attacked after 37 raids. Dhananjay de Silva does not open his mouth. 19 runs came from Nishan Madushka’s bat. The lower-order batsmen could not last long and the entire team took 66.5 centuries and 164 runs. (NZ vs SL Test)

Yachhindu Sri Lanka failed to avoid follow on and Kiwis Sanghala got 416 runners. 8 batsmen of Sri Lanka did not get the figure of double runs. From New Zealand, Matt Henry took 20 centuries, 6 maidens and 3 wickets in 44 runs. Michael Bracewell also got 3 wickets. Karunaratne scored maximum 89 runs. (NZ vs SL Test)

New Zealand got the visitors to follow on. After this, Sri Lanka made 12 runs without 9 wickets till their second feast, Chahapana, but after Chahapana, Sri Lanka’s first push came in the form of Oshada Fernando. So after 5 raids it happened. After this, Dimuth Karunaratne and Kusal Mendis made a half-century partnership and the Sangh’s score reached 97. Karunaratne flashed a half-century. But it happened after 51 runs. Mandis did not complete his half-century. When the thirty-day game was over, Mendis scored 50 and Angelo Mathews took 1 run and went to the tent.

Karunaratnechi two fifties in a single day

Karunaratne flashed both half-centuries on the third day of the Wellington Test. Aata toh Asiabehar has become the opener of Sri Lanka who scored the most 50+ runs. He has done this feat 15 times. Earlier Marwan Atapattune Ashiyabaher 50+ runner Tappa would have completed 13 times. Karunaratne is playing his 84th Test and has scored 14 centuries. Meanwhile, he has scored only 1 double century and 34 half-centuries.

Mendische 17th half century

Or the 17th half-century completed by Mendis in his Test career. There are 7 centuries in the middle of the test. He has scored more than 3,500 runs in 56 Tests. His best score is 196. His average in Test cricket is around 35. Mendis’ record against New Zealand is unmatched. He has scored more than 600 runs in 8 Tests at an average of around 45.

How was the game on the second day?

Second day New Zealand’s batsman Gajwala. The hosts’ batsmen started attacking the Sri Lankan bowlers from the very first ball. Kane Williamson faced 296 balls and scored 215 runs with the help of 23 fours and 2 sixes. He was supported by Henry Nicholls and he scored 200 runs in 240 balls. Kasun Rajitha from Sri Lanka took 2 wickets.

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