Oppenheimer In Japan | Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer grosses $2.5 million in opening weekend

Oppenheimer In Japan |  Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer grosses $2.5 million in opening weekend


Despite facing stiff competition from Margot Robbie starrer Barbie, Oppenheimer emerged as one of the standout films of 2023. The film not only broke box office records, but also earned 13 Academy Award nominations and won seven Oscars, including the Best Picture award. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this biopic is based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. Recently, the film opened in Japan with trigger warnings.

Despite initial criticism over the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the film received a positive response and grossed an impressive $2.5 million in its opening weekend in the Asian nation. This brought the film’s global box office gross to over $965 million. Although the film starring Cillian Murphy did not reach the $1 billion milestone, Oppenheimer became the third highest-grossing film of Nolan’s career, behind The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight Rises.

Toho-Towa, the usual Hollywood distributor in Japan, was unwilling to release Oppenheimer. However, in a surprising turn of events, Bitter End took over the responsibility of bringing the film to Japanese audiences last December. This decision was taken after a long discussion on the sensitive topic shown in the film. According to Variety, Bitter End has a track record of handling successful films in Japan, as they previously managed the release of Parasite and most recently the Academy Award nominee Perfect Days.

According to previous reports from Universal, Oppenheimer’s initial ticket sales in Japan surpassed those of Christopher Nolan’s previous films such as Interstellar, Batman Begins, Dunkirk and The Dark Knight. It was similar to The Dark Knight Rises and Tenet, but it fell down from Inception. The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer remains Nolan’s highest-grossing film in Japan, earning $42 million, while Tenet and Dunkirk grossed $25 million and $14.8 million, respectively.

Interestingly, the biopic is the biggest global grosser to win the Academy’s top award since The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2004, which crossed the $1.15 billion mark worldwide.

In addition to winning Best Picture at the 2024 Oscars, Oppenheimer was also successful in several other categories. Cillian Murphy was awarded the Best Actor trophy, while Robert Downey Jr. received the Best Supporting Actor award. Christopher Nolan was awarded the Best Director award, Ludwig Goransson’s original score earned him the award in the Best Original Score category, while Hoyte Van Hoytema won the Best Cinematography award and Jennifer Lemm was honored in the Best Editing category.


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