Outbreak of ‘raccoon’ dog-borne coronavirus; World Health Organization claims

Outbreak of ‘raccoon’ dog-borne coronavirus;  World Health Organization claims

Wuhan : A data analysis has been done by the World Health Organisation’s advisory wing dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus. Or the Chinese modifiers would have clarified their role in the context of the data. As a result of this issue, the World Health Organization has reprimanded China.

‘The New York Times’ has given such information that the WHO or the organization reprimanded the Chinese authorities for creating waste in the work of researching the origin of the spread of the corona virus. Due to not providing the data of 3 years ago and it could not be obtained only after publishing it online in coming January, the matter was discussed with the Chinese authorities. Even before all this data disappeared from the internet, an international team of virologists would have downloaded it and started analyzing it.

Or on the basis of the analysis, it was shown that the outbreak of corona was caused through the ‘raccoon’ dog, which is being bought and sold illegally. Human infection and spread took place on a large scale from the wholesale meat market in Wuhan, Huanan, China, as speculated by the analysts; They could not reach the final conclusion simply because the sequence of genes was removed from the database.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adnam Ghebreyesus said that three years ago he would have been able to share the data. It would have been easy to do something. However, animals such as raccoons or lynx dogs would have sought their DNA in the Wuhan market.

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