Pakistan: PTI claims to form government, PPP and PML-N are cooking different dishes! Know the stand of the army

Pakistan: PTI claims to form government, PPP and PML-N are cooking different dishes!  Know the stand of the army

Pakistan is facing political crisis. The results of the general elections held in the country have come out in which no party has got absolute majority. Now an alliance will be needed to cross the majority mark. In such a situation, will the PTI-supported independent candidates who win the most seats form their government or will Nawaz Sharif’s party come to power in alliance with PPP. Many such questions still remain. On the other hand, the PTI leader claims that whoever Imran Khan wants will become the Prime Minister because the invitation to form the government will come to him first. At the same time, Nawaz Sharif’s party claims that it will be its own government in the country, while PPP said that till now there has been no official talks on alliance with either of the two parties.

The election process went smoothly except for a few incidents.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Election Observers Mission in Pakistan said on Saturday that the election process was conducted smoothly except for a few incidents. Mission chief Jonathan Goodluck presented preliminary findings to the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) in Islamabad. He said the initial findings were related to pre-poll environment, observations on election day and a brief reflection on the post-poll environment. He said that barring a few incidents, the general election process in Pakistan was conducted smoothly.

Asked to declare complete results of general elections by midnight

Also, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Saturday asked the Election Commission to declare the full results of the general elections by midnight, otherwise it will have to face protests in the areas where the results are yet to come. . Within hours of the party’s statement, workers in Peshawar and Karachi started protesting vigorously, raising slogans and waving party flags. Imran Khan’s party has claimed that it will form the government at the Center as well as in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces. Surprising everyone, independent candidates supported by jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party won 101 seats in the National Assembly in Thursday’s elections.

Results of all seats were not declared

Even after two days of voting, the results of all the seats have not been declared and it seems that the country is moving towards a hung parliament or a coalition government. PTI chief Gauhar Ali Khan, at a press conference, asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to declare the results of all seats by midnight or be prepared to face protests from its supporters in areas where results are still awaited. He said that PTI supporters will hold a peaceful protest outside the office of the Returning Officer (RO) if the results are delayed.

Accused of failing to play constitutional role

He also accused the Election Commission of failing to perform its constitutional role in declaring the results on time. Hours after the announcement of the move, party workers in several seats started protesting vigorously in front of the respective RO offices. PTI’s official handle ‘PTI Politics Update’ posted a video on ‘X’ with “Demonstration warning Peshawar. Massive protests are taking place in Peshawar against rigging and manipulation in NA28 and many other assembly seats of the city.” The post followed similar videos from Sialkot, Karachi and Balochistan.

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