Panjak Kapoor Interview: Father Pankaj Kapoor is different on son Shahid Kapoor, said – now the time has come to learn from him – bheed actor pankaj kapoor exclusive interview talks about shahid kapoor wife and his career

Panjak Kapoor Interview: Father Pankaj Kapoor is different on son Shahid Kapoor, said – now the time has come to learn from him – bheed actor pankaj kapoor exclusive interview talks about shahid kapoor wife and his career

A recipient of several awards and three National Awards for his acting prowess and roles over the past four decades, versatile actor Pankaj Kapur has played many memorable roles on the small and big screen in his acting career. These days he is in discussion with ‘Bheed’ directed by Anubhav Sinha. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his films, career, wife Supriya Pathak, son Shahid Kapoor, daughter Sana Kapoor and his Oscar win.

Your new film ‘Bheed’ directed by Anubhav Sinha is based on the horrifying scenes of lockdown and exodus. How was that period for you personally?
I was very lucky in this matter, because for one year I was in Vyas. We were restricted there, but I personally did not suffer any loss. Yes, some of my friends had tragedies due to Corona. hurt so much. At that time there was a fear inside everyone, because the whole world had stopped and we were living in an uncertain environment. The danger of the virus was hovering every moment. I did one thing on purpose during that time. Many people got it right and some got it wrong. I didn’t watch TV for a year and a half. I didn’t want to let this affect me. The fear and sorrow was only increasing by continuously showing those accidents as larger than life. I was in Mumbai in the second wave and I took it very positively. I got a chance to spend time with family and myself. We got a chance to think about the events happening around us, we learned to live in less. But whenever we hear and see the news of the underprivileged and the hungry and thirsty unemployed people, our heart aches.

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You started your career in 1982 with Shyam Benegal’s Aarohan and have done many unforgettable roles in the 40 years since then, but your fans feel that a brilliant actor like you didn’t get his due. What do you think?
– I don’t think so. I think it is a lot of grace and kindness from the almighty that I got so much work and recognition. I am very happy and satisfied. The rest is a poem by Ghalib, ‘My desires turned out to be many but still less came out.’ But when I look at where I was born and where I started and where I have come from in the last 45 years, how much work I have done in my career, I can’t help but feel thankful. . In today’s date also, by the grace of the same above one gets work. I don’t feel that my due is due, but yes, my audience definitely feels it. As an actor, I think there should be some hunger left. Overeating is not right.

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How complemented do you feel to have such a capable, calm and gentle actress like Supriya Pathak as your wife?
Supriya is a wonderful person. He is a warm hearted person. Very good wife and wonderful mother. They are very good companions. We are also very close friends. There is a sentence in English, ‘Independence in Togetherness’, even while living together, we give each other a chance to work with complete freedom. We tried to work together as well. He also ran the company for 4-5 years. She does her acting in different ways, I do mine. We both try to keep the family together. It is our endeavor that along with family time, we also give time to each other. After a long time it is understood that apart from love, mutual respect is also necessary. But this understanding comes to you as you come. Respect the things you like and respect the things they like. By the grace of God everything is going well between us. I can’t imagine a better partner.

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Your son Shahid Kapoor has also proved himself many times as an actor. Recently, his work in the series Farji was highly appreciated. How much has your relationship as father and son evolved over the years?
It’s great to watch your child grow into maturity as well as a father. You feel proud when you see your son handling all the responsibilities and grow as an actor being an actor father. It makes me happy that my son is doing mature work in such a good way and with what understanding. Then a little bit it is also felt that now is the time to learn from my son. Looking at them, you realize that this is today’s plant. They know what kind of work is done today, in today’s era, so take something from them so that you too can remain contemporary. Seeing Shahid, I feel great respect and at the same time I also feel that let’s learn something from him. We have a wonderful bonding as father and son and apart from that I am very close to my grandchildren. I have a lot of affection for him. My daughter in law Meera is very sweet and like my daughter. Whenever we get a chance, we definitely spend time together. I love spending time with those people.

Is your daughter Sana Kapoor also very close to you?
-Absolutely. I feel very proud of his work. She is very sweet and kind girl. Whatever work she does, she is always praised. One more thing that they will come to know with time is that they are multi tasking. He also has the ability to write and direct. God has also given them good looks. Everyone else has their own destiny. It is she who decides what will be your path. Recently a series of his has come, Family Connection, in which he has done a very funny job. You will definitely see. Khichdi is serial type funny comedy. It also has Ratnaji (Ratna Pathak Shah) and Raj Babbar. Our Samadhiyana (Sana Kapoor’s mother-in-law and father-in-law Seema Pahwa and Manoj Pahwa) are also very creative, so everyone does their job well. Now the younger one (his younger son Ruhaan Kapoor) is waiting to see when he will start work.

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What would you like to say on India’s victory on the Oscars stage?
– I feel very happy and honored. I would say this to the Oscar people, ‘Better late than never’, it is not that our Indian cinema has ever been less anywhere. But yes, it has taken time to reach. In our country, the standard of world level films was fixed in the year 50 itself. Our Guru Dutt Sahab, Mrinal Da, there are many other filmmakers who made great cinema. There have also been many filmmakers who have not tried to reach the Oscars despite being eligible. I feel that Oscar should not be considered as the criteria, even if it is considered, many congratulations, but there are other places ahead of it, where our filmmakers, stories and artists have the ability and power to reach. But my best wishes to all those who have reached this far and will take it further. It comes from the heart to go ahead and move ahead and tell the world that we have neither lack of stories, nor technology, nor talent, nor creativity.

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