Passenger opened the flight’s emergency gate in mid-air, 194 people were on board

Passenger opened the flight’s emergency gate in mid-air, 194 people were on board

Seoul (Best Hindu News): A passenger on South Korea’s Asiana Airlines flight opened the emergency exit gate of the flight in mid-air. This incident happened shortly before landing. At that time the flight was at an altitude of about 650 feet. At present the passenger has been arrested. Asiana Airlines is investigating the matter.

According to media reports, this incident happened on Friday. The Airbus A321-200 was carrying 6 crew members and 194 passengers. The domestic flight was scheduled to land at Daegu International Airport, about 240 km southeast of capital Seoul. According to the report, when the flight was about 200 meters (650 feet) in the air, a passenger sitting near its emergency exit opened the gate.

Emergency teams immediately arrived at Daegu Airport as soon as the plane landed. Due to fear, the condition of 9 people had become so bad that they had to be sent to the hospital. These people were also having difficulty in breathing. According to the information, at present the police have arrested that person, due to whose ignorance 194 people had to face death while alive. The age of the arrested person has been stated as 30 years. It is not yet known why he opened the gate.

An eyewitness to the incident said that suddenly it seemed that there was going to be an explosion in the flight. Passengers sitting near the door started fainting. Couldn’t understand anything. There were also children in the flight and they were crying.

On the other hand, Asiana Airlines says that due to the sudden opening of the door, some passengers had difficulty in breathing and some people have been admitted to the hospital after landing. The airlines have informed that there was no major injury or damage in the incident.

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