PM Modi Popular Leader: PM Modi is the most popular leader in the world! Wacha Biden, Sunak Kitawya Sthanavar; Morning Consult’s claim

PM Modi Popular Leader: PM Modi is the most popular leader in the world!  Wacha Biden, Sunak Kitawya Sthanavar;  Morning Consult’s claim

Pudhari Online Desk: PM Modi Popular Leader: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the topper in terms of popularity. America’s Morning Consult has said in its latest survey that PM Modi is the topper again. PM Modi is again in the lead in terms of popularity, recognition and credibility. The firm has made this claim on the basis of its recognition rating. According to the survey conducted by Morning Consult, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained his position among world leaders with 76 percent approval rating. Swiss President Alain Berset is second in line after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Survey Morning Consult said the latest approval ratings are based on data collected between September 6 and 12.

PM Modi Popular Leader: According to the latest survey, 76 percent people like Modi

The ‘Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker’ conducted by the American Morning Consultancy firm has claimed that 76 percent people have approved the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while 18 percent people have shown disapproval and 17 percent people have not given any vote.

It is clear from the survey data that Modi is not the world leader and there is no other leader even close to him. Modi is liked by 76 percent people. After Modi, Switzerland’s President Alain Berset with 64 percent approval rating and Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with 61 percent approval rating.

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US President Joe Biden has got 40 percent approval, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has got 37 percent approval, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has got 27 percent approval and French President Emmanuel Macron has got 24 percent approval, Hindustan Times reported.

PM Modi Popular Leader: PM Modi’s popularity is incomparable among world leaders – Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also shared an ‘X’ rating and said, “The latest Morning Consult survey shows that the popularity of Prime Minister @narendramodi ji is incomparable among world leaders. This is not only a testament to the success of the Modi principle in foreign policy, but also Modiji’s unwavering success in lifting millions of people out of poverty, his selfless efforts to improve the living conditions and the unwavering faith that people have in him is globally recognized. Modi would have grabbed the top spot in the ratings.

PM Modi Popular Leader: Or only half of Prime Minister Modi would have been at the top

Both the earlier surveys of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had topped in terms of popularity, would also have been at the first position. PM Modi would have been on the first position in the Global Leader Approval List released by Morning Consult. By defeating the leaders of 22 countries, he would have achieved first place in terms of popularity. At that time, PM Modi’s rating in the survey was 76 percent.

PM Modi Popular Leader: After the successful planning of G 20 Council, Modi is admired everywhere.

Modi is admired everywhere after the successful organization of the G20 Summit in New Delhi. Or the announcement made in the council was unanimously accepted. This global platform has unique general importance. Because the main role of the declaration would have been to bring together all the world powers and build consensus on the divisive issues of the Russia-Ukraine war.

At the summit’s conclusion, Modi handed over a gift to Brazilian President Lula da Silva and proposed holding a virtual G20 session in November to review the information and proposals presented at the major forum for international economic cooperation.

PM Modi Popular Leader: Kasa Banana Jato Morning Consultcha Survey

According to Morning Consult, Political Intelligence is its proprietary platform and provides real-time polling data on state elections, elected officials and voting issues. Morning Consult conducts more than 20,000 global interviews every day.

“All interviews are conducted online with a nationally representative sample of adults. In India, the sample is representative of the literate population,” says Morning Consult on their website.

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