Population growth is the root cause of rising unemployment.

Population growth is the root cause of rising unemployment.

in the world nowadays Concern is being expressed about unemployment everywhere. Unemployment has become a matter of debate. In 2014, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had also promised to provide employment to one crore youth every year. This promise has become a big issue for the opposition parties.
In defense of this, Narendra Modi and his supporters say that he has fulfilled his promise. Along with government jobs, in the Mudra Yojana, more than several lakh crore rupees have been made available by the government to the youth, due to which several crore youth have been self-employed, in which they have given employment to crores of youth in their businesses.

Was there no unemployment during the 65 years of Congress rule? Then can unemployment be eradicated in one or two tenures of Narendra Modi, unemployment can be less or more. Many such examples will be found in every city, where people selling pakodas, becoming big income tax payers, becoming owners of restaurants, are providing employment to thousands of youth. Is self employment not employment? When Honorable Akhilesh Yadav ji announced unemployment allowance after becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the young men and women who were earning lakhs of rupees by running good shops also stood in queues from morning to evening in front of the employment offices, so there was no employment. The government will have to redefine the definition.

In the present times, changes due to artificial intelligence, automation and robotics etc. modern technology and increasing population have changed the employment system and system. Political parties in India are avoiding even talking about banning the population. In such a situation, no matter how hard the BJP, Congress or any other political party tries, they cannot solve the problem of unemployment and unemployment will continue to be a political issue. Getting employment to the youth will continue to prove to be a distant dream. Employment opportunities are decreasing due to computer system and automation and the demand for radical change in the education system is increasing so that educated youth can get degrees as well as adequate skills which can make them capable of getting a dignified livelihood i.e. He should be fully employable.

It is believed in the country that proper employment can be obtained only through education, so cheap and good education should be given to everyone. Even while getting education, the youth should have the right to earn money by getting employment, whereas in India, one or two universities put restrictions on the student to do any profitable work while studying. Underprivileged and low social sector students coming from villages, towns and cities should have the right to part time job while studying so that they can meet the necessary expenses. Students should do some other work or part time work in their free time so that they can avoid riots, riots and acts of indiscipline.

Education is the most powerful weapon of consciousness and empowerment in any society. At present, the need for change in the education system is being felt in India. More than eighty percent of youth power in India come from middle class or lower class families. There is a lot of pressure on everyone to get a job as soon as possible. It cannot be considered just and reasonable at all to stop you from doing employment while getting education. While doing M.Phil., P.H.D in India, the age of the students is more than 25 years and they also get married under the pressure of the family, due to which there is pressure on them to earn money. Due to this pressure, the interest of those students towards research gets affected and the level of research falls. This is the reason why India has not been able to produce a lot of researchers even at the level of Asia.

To deal with this problem, the government should make arrangements for good scholarship in higher education and research or so many jobs will have to be arranged so that all these students can be assured that they will have proper employment as soon as they complete their education and hence They will not need employment during education.
It is a very difficult task for the government to make this kind of improvement in education in view of the economic reforms. ‘Education and Employment’ should not be allowed to turn into ‘Education vs Employment’. If the Government of India wants to compete with China in the field of higher education and research, then it should change its old system and policies and without doing any politics on population growth, all political parties should come forward to ban population growth, otherwise The increasing population will continue to eat away the increased income of the people due to the development of the country and unemployment will continue to increase at a rapid pace.
Dr. Surya Prakash Agarwal

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