Powassan virus disease | Another worry has come! Single death due to rare ‘Powasan’, know its symptoms and remedies

Powassan virus disease |  Another worry has come!  Single death due to rare ‘Powasan’, know its symptoms and remedies

Pudhari Online : A person in America has died due to the rare Powassan virus disease. This is the first incident of death due to virus or in America in the year. This information has been given by the Main Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The deceased person is a resident of Sagadahoc County in the American state of Maine. Or in the background the health officials are alerting the people about the deadly viral disease. Or specific antidote or medicine is not available after viral infection.

What is Powassan virus?

Powassan disease (POWV) is a rare but serious disease caused by the Powassan virus. Infected deer tick, groundhog tick spread in humans after eating rice. Ticks are parasites and feed on the blood of animals, birds and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. Most cases or disease outbreaks occur between late spring and mid-autumn in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions of America. But in a few days in other parts of Alikadil, cases of Powasanchi have also been registered.

Every year 25 people or diseases get infected in America. In the state of Aata, one death has been registered due to this. The disease has killed three times more in America since 2015, according to Fox News.

What are the symptoms of Powassanchi?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those who are infected with the virus do not experience any symptoms. But fever, headache, vomiting and weakness can occur from one week to one month after tick bite.

  • heat
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • weakness
  • encephalitis
  • difficult

In some cases there may be difficulty in speaking. When the disease is severe, long term health problems may arise.

What are Poisson’s Disease treatments?

There is no specific vaccine or drug available for Powassan virus disease. If you are new to this, people are advised to be careful not to go out of the house. In such a case, it is necessary to take rest, drink plenty of fluids, and in case of serious illness, one has to be admitted to the hospital.

What are the preventive measures for Powassan disease?

  • The best way to avoid infection is to take care of new people who have taken tick bite.
  • Wear clothes with long sleeves and use pantcha in the places where ticks are found.
  • Use insecticides containing DEET to remove mosquitoes.
  • If you find ticks, remove them quickly. Powassan virus disease

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