Rahul Gandhi lost what he earned from Bharat Jodo Yatra in London

Rahul Gandhi lost what he earned from Bharat Jodo Yatra in London

Rahul Gandhi does not fail to make even the Lok Sabha the arena of his politics, one Rahul Gandhi is very few as soon as he comes to the Lok Sabha and even when he comes, he enters the Lok Sabha in a guerilla style and saying his words, he is nine-two-eleven. Let’s go

Even after the command of the Congress has gone into the hands of a non-Gandhi leader, it does not seem that anything has changed within the Congress. Even today the politics of Congress is revolving around the Gandhi family only. Rahul Gandhi has become the face of the Congress. On the other hand, the new Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge is no more visible than the Yes Man of the Gandhi family. It would not be an exaggeration if it is said that the Gandhi family has taken the support of Kharge’s shoulders to maintain their supremacy over the party and to blame the failure of the Congress on Kharge.

On the other hand, most of the time of Kharge and his ‘team’ is spent by the Gandhi family in defending Rahul Gandhi. This is the leader who does not hesitate to throw the Congress into the pit to save his politics. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi creates one controversy after another. His childish antics do not take the name of stopping. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi lost whatever he had ‘earned’ through Bharat Jodo Yatra by making controversial statements in Britain. The statement is also not like that. He is pleading to save India’s democracy from external forces. Raising questions on the country’s constitutional institutions, insulting industrialists, raising doubts about the credibility of the Parliament and the Speaker, repeatedly humiliating the great men and freedom fighters of the country, accusing the opponents indiscriminately, China which It has become Rahul Gandhi’s pastime to glorify India, which always shows its eyes.

Rahul Gandhi does not fail to make even the Lok Sabha the arena of his politics, one Rahul Gandhi is very few as soon as he comes to the Lok Sabha and even when he comes, he enters the Lok Sabha in a guerilla style and saying his words, he is nine-two-eleven. Let’s go He even alleges that he is not allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha, whereas the truth is that Rahul Gandhi does not have the ability to speak seriously on any subject for five to ten minutes. That’s why they vent their anger outside the country. Now it has become a trend in the Congress that whenever the session of the Lok Sabha starts, they do not allow the Parliament to function by creating ruckus on one issue or the other. At the time of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi was raising the slogan of Chowkidar Chaur Hai against Modi, alleging corruption in the purchase of Rafale fighter jets, and by the time of 2024 elections, he is calling Modi a thief by linking it to industrialists Adani and Modi. .

The decorum was shattered when Rahul Gandhi, on his UK tour, started the same old dissonant rant that democracy is dying in India. He even requested western countries to intervene for the alleged restoration of democracy in India. He forgot that the same Britain in which he was defaming India had treated Indians worse than animals before independence. Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar was kept in hard labor for more than ten years, he was plowed in Kolhu instead of bull. All freedom fighters like revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Raj Mangal Pandey were put to death. Rahul Gandhi is doing a gimmick to save India’s democracy from the same Britain and other foreign forces who completely interfere in India’s internal affairs.

According to Rahul Gandhi, ‘India is the world’s largest democracy, the impact of democracy here will affect the whole world.’ How surprising that a leader of the same party which fought for India’s independence is requesting Britain, America and other European countries to interfere in India’s internal affairs. The great irony is that all this is happening in the amritkal of independence and all this is being done by the person who tore the bill passed from the Parliament during Manmohan government of Congress. The terrorism perpetrated against India by Pakistan and the deaths of our jawans due to bomb blasts carried out by its terrorists are termed as bomb blast deaths by it. When the Indian Army conducts a surgical strike against Pakistan, proofs are sought by Rahul and his close friends. A Congress PM says that Muslims have the first right on the country’s resources. Rahul Gandhi, who himself is out on bail on charges of scam, likes China’s expansionist policy very much. He recites ballads in praise of the Communist government of China. Meets its leaders secretly.

No one has any objection to the fact that Rahul Gandhi has become a big critic of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but when he will oppose the country under the guise of Sangh and Modi, he will be asked questions and asked to apologize. Will also be told. His hatred towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi is commonly echoed in his speeches. In this, he often says such things, which have no connection with the truth. There are many examples of their serial lies. He keeps on telling lies on lies without any evidence and the sycophantic leaders of Gandhi family applaud and clap on his right and wrong. Rahul says GST was passed without any debate. Perhaps they do not know that the idea of ​​GST was first mooted by the UPA government. Similarly, they create ruckus on demonetisation, whereas in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections held after demonetisation, the people made BJP win by a huge margin. While the Parliament had approved GST through the 101st Constitutional Amendment.

The Nehru-Gandhi family has a long list of undemocratic activities during the Congress rule that prevailed in the country for a long time after independence. It started from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, who imposed ‘reasonable restrictions’ on freedom of expression through the First Amendment of the Constitution. On the suggestion of the then Congress President Indira Gandhi, Nehru imposed President’s rule in 1959 by removing the Communist government of Kerala from misusing Article 356. It contained a sense of unhappiness with the emergence of other parties. Indira Gandhi imprisoned political rivals under the dictatorship of Emergency. Held the Parliament and Judiciary hostage. Wage an aggressive campaign of forced vasectomy, mainly targeting the Muslim community. When Rajiv Gandhi’s name cropped up in the Bofors scam, he brought a repressive law in 1988 to suppress the voice of the media. The list of such undemocratic acts is endless. In such a situation, it does not suit any Congress leader, especially a member of the Gandhi family, to preach about the features of democracy.

In fact, the understanding of Rahul Gandhi is continuously becoming anti-national. He goes abroad and tells the country the threat of Hindu terrorism. Rahul remains silent when UPA’s Manmohan Singh government denies the existence of Ram Sethu and Lord Ram. According to Rahul, RSS is a secret organization which is engaged in devaluing democracy. He forgets that even Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has praised the social work of the Sangh. It is also important for Rahul to remember that 3,254 people from the Sangh went to jail during the fascist regime imposed in the country by his grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the form of Emergency. According to statistics, the maximum number of 772 leaders were imprisoned from Jansangh. He was imprisoned under the Atrocities Act MISA. In such a situation, the question arises that who is the real fascist in the country? Rahul claims that the voice of opposition MPs is being suppressed in the Parliament and the mikes of the MPs are turned off for criticizing the government. This claim is absolutely baseless.

According to PRS Legislative Research, Rahul’s presence in the winter session last year was negligible. After improving his attendance in this budget session has been only 40 percent. Last year he spoke only once in Parliament. One of his claims is that the Modi government is getting his phones tapped and this did not happen in his government. This claim is being made by a person under whose family rule, many IB officers including Malay Krishna Dhar have presented evidence of phone tapping and other mischievous activities. His ravings about Modi and Sikhs are worse than all these lies. In Cambridge, he said Modi was “dividing the country”. Pointing to a Sikh present at the event, he said that in the eyes of Modi, minorities are second-class citizens. It is not only misleading, but also full of deceit. This is an attempt to incite divisive tendencies among various sections, which should be strongly condemned. Rahul may try to ignore his party’s questionable commitments to democracy, but he has no magic wand to make millions of people forget the past.

Dr BR Ambedkar’s foresight comes to mind when we hear Rahul Gandhi’s appeal for non-interference in India’s internal affairs. Ambedkar warned the nation and future generations about the consequences of betrayal. He had said that it pains me very much that India not only lost its independence in the past, but this independence was lost due to treachery and treachery of some of its own people. The kind of politics that Rahul Gandhi and his sycophants are doing, neither the country is benefiting nor Congress is getting any benefit. In such a situation, it will be said for the Congress, ‘Only one owl is enough to ruin Gulista, the owl is sitting on every branch, what will be the result of Gulista.’

-Ajay Kumar

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