Reasearchers in found 2500 year old ancient toilet in Jerusalem Israel reveals about a fatal disease

Reasearchers in found 2500 year old ancient toilet in Jerusalem Israel reveals about a fatal disease

Jerusalem: Scientists have found a toilet in Jerusalem that tells about the health habits of the people of that era. With the discovery of this toilet, scientists have also been convinced that at that time people were not aware of their health. Scientists have concluded after testing 2500-year-old toilet samples that the habits of people in the Iron Age were not good for health. Researchers excavated from pits under two stone latrines. They found evidence of dysentery-causing bacteria during this period.

Elite Family Toilets
These toilets belonged to elite families. Jerusalem is said to have been a political and religious center during the time of the Assyrian Empire. At that time eight to 25 thousand people lived here. Scientists say that these toilets are the first evidence of a disease called Giardia duodenalis. However, the infection of the stomach, which causes diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and weight loss, was first identified in Roman-era Turkey and medieval Israel. Dr Piers Mitchell, who was involved in the research, said, ‘Dysentery is caused by drinking dirty water or contaminated food and we suspect that it may have been a bigger problem in the past due to overcrowding, heat and flies, as well as the presence of limited water in summer. Was.’ This research has been published in the science magazine Parasitology.

Haveli was excavated
This research has been completed by the Department of Archeology of Cambridge University. Researchers found a toilet seat in the year 2019 in the south of Jerusalem. This toilet seat was in the neighborhood of the Armon Ha-Natziv mansion. It is believed that it probably dates back to the days of King Manasseh. He ruled for 50 years in the middle of the seventh century BC. Made of limestone, this latrine had a large hole for defecation and there is likely to be a hole next to it for men to urinate.

Even today there is disease in children.
Another toilet seat has been found in a seven-room building known as the House of Aheel in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is believed that it might have been the home of an upper class family. The researchers also found eggs of four types of intestinal parasites – tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm and whipworm. But according to new research, the microbes that cause dysentery are delicate and extremely tough. Dysentery caused by Giardia kills most children at present. The mental development of children infected with this disease also stops.

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