Resentment against Lionel Messi increases in China, organizers offer refund

Resentment against Lionel Messi increases in China, organizers offer refund

Organizers, who faced the wrath of the government and sports fans after Lionel Messi skipped the field during a football match in Hong Kong, on Friday said they will offer a refund of 50 per cent of the ticket amount to make up for the World Cup-winning footballer’s absence. .

Earlier this week, in the match against the local team, Messi was also supposed to play on the field but he remained sitting on the bench for the entire 90 minutes due to a ‘groin’ injury. But this Argentinian star player took the field for 30 minutes in Tokyo on Wednesday in Inter Miami’s latest exhibition match. Due to which, for the last two days, people on social media in China have been expressing their disappointment over Messi not playing the match in Hong Kong.

On Friday, local organizer Tatler Asia apologized in an Instagram post to those who were disappointed with the match. He said that when he came to know about Messi not playing, he had requested the management of Inter Miami to urge the footballer to explain to the audience. According to the contract, Messi had to play for 45 minutes but if he gets injured, he will not be able to do so.

The organizer said, “But it did not happen.” In fact, Messi played in Japan on February 7, which was like another slap on his face. The organizer said it was discussing with the government how to handle the matter and that arrangements for refunding 50 percent of ticket amounts would be announced in mid-March. “As organizers we will not shirk our responsibilities, Tatler Asia will be offering a 50 per cent refund to all those who purchased match day tickets through the official channel,” the organizer said. Each match ticket cost up to 4,880 Hong Kong dollars ($624).

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