Rocket Boys 2 review: This time also Rocket Boys has been flying high, read the review here

Rocket Boys 2 review: This time also Rocket Boys has been flying high, read the review here

Web Series- Rocket Boys 2

Director – Abhay Pannu

Starcast: Jim Sarbh, Ishwak Singh, Regina Cassandra, Saba Azad, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Charu and others

Platform – Sony LIV

Rating – three and a half

Sony Liv’s much awaited web series Rocket Boys 2 has knocked. This is the story of Homi Jahangir Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, the great scientists who laid the foundation of modern India. The second season starts from where the first season ended. Ignoring some flaws in the screenplay, this series has once again managed to entertain as well as give information and once again the actors associated with this series have done a great job. Overall, this series lives up to the expectations.

The story of making India a nuclear power

Rocket Boys i.e. Homi Bhabha (Gym) and Vikram (Ishwak) are working separately on their respective projects. Homi Bhabha is busy making atomic bomb, and Vikram Sarabhai is working in the field of education. It is not easy to make Homi’s India a nuclear power. Along with lack of resources, America is also in trouble. America does not want India to become a nuclear power nation. He is ready to do anything for this, but Homi does not want to stop this mission under any circumstances. He is continuing the mission by adopting different tricks, but he has to pay the price for it by giving his life.

Vikram Sarabhai had earlier objected to Homi’s dream of a nuclear-rich country, in such a situation, how does he connect with Homi’s dream and on May 18, 1974, Buddha Muskuraye marks the beginning of modern India. This series has won the same historical event on the screen. Politics has also become an important axis of the story of the series this time. A lot has changed in politics too, because after the death of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, now his daughter Indira Gandhi is in power. Being a woman, she has a challenge to prove herself. This series shows the upheaval of Indian politics through Nehru, Shastri and later Indira Gandhi. It also tells that for politicians too, many times the interest of the country has been more important than their personal interest.

Script pros and cons

The series has been written in a very engaging way. The story of the first five episodes completely keeps you hooked. Whatever is happening on the screen, it completely keeps you hooked. The story and dialogues of the series peep into the depths of each character’s life. Almost every character of this series is very special, but the makers have taken full care that their pains, complaints and shortcomings are also highlighted. He was a visionary scientist, it does not mean that there was lack of human feelings in his life.

The makers have taken full care of the fact that he was a human being first, not ignoring his human shortcomings in the light of his great achievements. There is a very beautiful balance between the two. Talking about the shortcomings of the series, the writing is a bit weak, especially the last three episodes have not been able to become as effective as it was needed. Everything seems to have been done in a hurry.

The important USP of the show again in acting

Talking about acting, Jim Sarbh and Ishwak live their character with the same precision this season too. Both these artists have described their acting ability. Seeing him on the screen, it does not seem that he is playing a character, rather it seems that he is the character.

Charu Shankar plays the former late PM of India Indira Gandhi in the series and the best part is that she does not mimic her. As usually seen playing the character of Indira Gandhi. Charu Shankar has done justice to this role in a different way.Dr. The casting of Arjun Radhakrishnan as APJ Abdul Kalam is interesting. The actor has also left his mark in the limited screen space. Dibyendu Bhattacharya is praised for his excellent performance. Regina Cassandra has again shone this season. There was nothing special for Saba Azad to do this time. The rest of the characters have also lived their roles very well.

These aspects are also very special

The dialogues of the web series are good. Which brings out the character’s life and his perspective in a deep way. Like the previous season, this season too the 60s and 70s have been brought on screen in a setup with utmost precision. Series music adds a different color to the story. The rest of the other aspects also do complete justice to the show.

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