Sachin Tendulkar slams who criticize pitch after test over in 3 days

Sachin Tendulkar slams who criticize pitch after test over in 3 days

New Delhi: Former India batting great Sachin Tendulkar believes that to maintain the attractiveness of Test cricket, it should be seen how exciting it was rather than how long it lasted. The first three matches of the recent four-Test series against India and Australia were over within three days. This led to a lot of criticism of these pitches but Tendulkar said that the job of cricket is to play in all kinds of conditions.

He told Aaj Tak, ‘We need to understand one thing that Test cricket should be attractive and the emphasis should not be on how many days it lasts. We (cricketers) are made to play on different pitches. Whether the pitch is helpful to the fast bowlers or according to the spinners, we should come to face the ball in every situation.

Sachin Tendulkar also said that at a time when the ICC (International Cricket Council), Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and other cricket bodies are talking about making Test cricket an entertainment and top-notch format, matches that end in three days There is no harm. Advising the touring teams to prepare for tough conditions, he said, “When you tour, the conditions are not easy. You need to understand what is happening, assess everything and then start planning things.

He said, ‘We are all talking about Test cricket with ICC, MCC. How can Test cricket remain the top format? If we want that, we need to do something for the bowlers because the bowlers ask a question every ball and the batsman has to answer it.

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