Sachin Tendulkar’s big statement on DRS and umpires call controversy, will ICC make changes?

Sachin Tendulkar’s big statement on DRS and umpires call controversy, will ICC make changes?

New Delhi: The Decision Review System (DRS) always gets into controversies for one reason or the other. After being introduced in Test cricket in 2008, DRS was later implemented in ODI and T20 cricket in 2011 and 2017 respectively. DRS remained in discussions even during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Great batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s reaction has come on this. He is not entirely happy about it.

He said- I completely disagree with the current format. If the ball hits the stumps it is out and if not the batsman continues to bat. When a batsman or bowler is unhappy with the decision of the on-field umpire, then only he approaches the third umpire. Then why are they going back to the on-field umpire’s decision? What does it mean if you want to go with the umpire (umpire’s call). I disagree with this.

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Sharing his thoughts on the same at the India Today Conclave, Tendulkar said that he would have liked to have DRS during his playing days. He said- I definitely couldn’t count them on my fingers (when asked how many times he would have mentioned it if DRS existed during his playing days). Without a doubt I would have liked it. Some decisions come in his favor and some are against.

Tendulkar further suggested that like humans, technology is also not infallible. Adding that the umpires were making huge mistakes even before the introduction of DRS. He said- We are only pointing fingers at technology, but it is not right. Mistakes used to happen even before DRS. Many times it happened that matches were either lost or won due to wrong decisions.
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