Saira Banu celebrated 39th anniversary of ‘Duniya’, told why she did the film after leaving acting – Dainik Savera Times

Saira Banu celebrated 39th anniversary of ‘Duniya’, told why she did the film after leaving acting – Dainik Savera Times

Mumbai: Veteran actress Saira Banu, who often shares untold stories of her life on Instagram, shared another anecdote while celebrating the anniversary of her film ‘Duniya’ on Monday. The actress was in a special appearance in the film. The reason behind him doing this film was producer Yash Johar, founder of Dharma Productions and father of producer-director Karan Johar.

‘Duniya’, released on September 18, 1984, was produced by Yash Johar, whom the actress considers a friend among millions. She wrote a note on Instagram, ‘Thinking about the release of ‘Duniya’ on this day is a welcome to hundreds of beautiful memories. It’s like doing it. I acted in it as a ‘special appearance’ years ago, when I had decided to quit acting because I was not getting enough time to live a beautiful life and stay at home.

He shared details about the making of the film, his relationship with Dilip Kumar and Yash Johar. He wrote, ‘This was the film of Karan Johar’s father Yash Johar, a renowned producer and sir of the film industry and our entire family. He was an irreplaceable friend. I will never forget his generosity of heart. He went ahead and helped every one of his friends. To cite some incidents, my mother Naseem Banoji was suffering from asthma and the specific medicines that were available at that time had to come from abroad, either from London or America, as they were not available in our country.

‘He was like ‘Santa Claus’ coming to our house. Similarly, there were some oils and pills for Saheb, which he used to bring and give. Once we were traveling to America and can you believe it, in the same plane Yashji was carrying a blood sample in his hand for a friend, which was to be processed for testing, here in Bombay. Could not be processed at home.

He was one of millions of friends, a kind and exceptionally caring human being.’She recalled how Yash Johar had always acted as a shield for her and her family.She further mentioned, ‘One morning when I was having tea with Sahab, he smiled at me and said, ‘Saira, I know you have stopped working so that you and I can share this precious time.

If you were far away, these special moments would not have been possible. He then proceeded to surprise me, saying he wanted me to play a ‘special appearance’ portraying his wife in Yash Johar’s ‘Duniya’, which he was shooting for.’ After this, the actress promised to share another anecdote with her followers on Tuesday, this time from the film itself. She finally said, ‘I have one more anecdote to share about ‘Duniya’, which I will share next. Will post the day.

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