Salman Khan will not marry now! Then rejected the marriage proposal, said – my days are over!

Salman Khan will not marry now!  Then rejected the marriage proposal, said – my days are over!

At the age of 57, Salman Khan is the most eligible bachelor of the Hindi film industry. However, fans believe that he has been unlucky in love. Earlier his name has been associated with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Katrina Kaif, but he is still a bachelor. Recently, at an event, a journalist from Hollywood put a marriage proposal in front of him, but Salman rejected it and said that now his days are ‘laden’.

Salman Khan interacted with the media during an event in Abu Dhabi. A journalist told Salman that she had come from far away Hollywood and wanted to tell that he fell in love with her. Then Salman deliberately tried to divert the journalist’s attention and asked him, ‘You are talking about Shah Rukh Khan?’ But she insisted that she was only talking about them.

Salman said this about marriage

After this he asked Salman, ‘Will you marry me?’ To this, Salman replied, “The day of my marriage was lad (over) gone.” When she asked about the reason, Salman said that he should have met her 20 years ago. Now this video is becoming very viral on social media.

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Yulia and Salman

During the same event, his alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur was asked what Salman was wearing. Initially, she seemed hesitant to answer this question. But then she replied with a smile, ‘Salman always looks good in whatever he wears.’

was about to get married

It has happened many times before when Salman came very close to marriage, but it could not happen. In ‘Koffee With Karan’, Salman confessed that he really wanted to marry Sangeeta Bijlani, but things didn’t work out.

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changed mind at the last moment

According to the reports, the date of marriage of Salman and Sangeeta was also fixed, but at the last moment, Salman changed his mind. Currently, he is rumored to be dating Iulia Vantur.

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