Second day of bravery in IIT ISM: IIT Kharagpur’s female players dominated

Second day of bravery in IIT ISM: IIT Kharagpur’s female players dominated

Women players of IIT Kharagpur dominated the second day of the sports festival at IIT ISM Dhanbad. In 800 meters race, Jangili Puthizha, Anju and Prachai Bajpai of IIT Kharagpur secured first, second and third positions. Sarita, E Madhuri and Jangili Puthija of IIT Kharagpur also won the 400 meter race. In shot put, Shivangi Patel of IIT-ISM got first, Madhuri and Sahni of IIT Kharagpur got second and third place.

In the long jump event, Meghna of IIT Kharagpur got first position, Priyanka of IIT ISM got second and Kritika Bagaria of IIT Kharagpur got third position. In the women’s 4x100m finals, IIT Kharagpur’s Green team and Black team stood first and second, while IIT Dhanbad’s team stood third.

Many competitions were organized

IIT ISM defeated IIIST Shivpur 2-1 in the football match held in the lower ground in the morning. While the match between Asansol Engineering College and NIT Rourkela ended in a draw. In the same badminton match, IIT ISM defeated BIT Sindri’s team by 3-0. On the second day, SSGI Bhilai defeated Amity University 3-0 while IIIST Shivpur defeated Asansol Engineering College 3-1. IIT Kharagpur defeated IIT-BHU 3-0.

Sigangsa became the winner of 8000 meters final

The winner of 8000 meters men’s final was Sigangsa Baglari of IIT Kharagpur. Laxman Meena of IIT ISM and Gautam Kumar of BBMKU stood second and third respectively. In long jump, Marwan of IIT Kharagpur stood first, Robin of BIT Sindri stood second and Vishwajeet of BBMKU stood third. In javelin throw, Aditya Kumar of IIT Kharagpur stood first, Chinna Chandrudu of IIT Kharagpur second and L Anil Kumar of IIT ISM stood third. Parakram will end on March 19 with prize distribution and IDM night. A total of more than one thousand players including 100 women players from 24 technical institutes of Eastern India are participating in Parakram.

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