Sheezan Khan shed tears on completion of one year of ‘Alibaba’, said – only 500 rupees were left in the account

Sheezan Khan shed tears on completion of one year of ‘Alibaba’, said – only 500 rupees were left in the account

Sheezan Khan is currently in Cape Town, South Africa. He is there a part of Rohit Shetty’s stunt based reality show. She is busy shooting for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’. But from there he keeps posting his videos and photos. Now in the latest post, the actor has recalled the days when he signed ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul’. In this post made on 25 May, the actor has also shared many pictures. Along with this, an emotional note has also been written. In it, he is also mentioning the few rupees left in his bank account while signing the show.

Sheezan Khan has shared some BTS videos from the sets of ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul’ along with pictures with her family. With this he has written an emotional post. He says, ‘So it’s been a year! I still remember the day I signed this show!! I had only Rs 500 left in my bank account. I didn’t want to go home empty handed. So I bought some sweets on my way back home!! I told Amma that I have got the show!! We all cried our hearts out!! Then we took this selfie!! And I told them that we will remember this moment for a lifetime! I didn’t know that this whole journey is going to be memorable!! Thank you all. Pockets empty, big dreams in eyes. This was Ali. This was Sheejan.

Sister Falak-Shafak sheds tears

After this post of Sheejan Khan, his sister and actress Falak Naaz commented. Wrote – Today you are engaged in making everyone cry together. Whereas, mother Kahkashan wrote – Even the enemy is aware of our flight. He was someone else who got defeated by the sky. Another sister Falak Naaz wrote – I absolutely remember this selfie. I am crying Along with this, he also pasted several red heart emojis. Apart from the family, Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 contestant Rohit Bose Roy said – You are going to become a very big star. remember my words I’m never wrong. Naira Banerjee also reacted. Said this is a heart touching post.

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Sheezan Khan on leaving ‘Alibaba’

Apart from this, Sheejan Khan had posted another post from Cape Town. In it, he was seen in Ali Baba’s outfit. Had shared a video with it in which he was telling the reason behind leaving the show. He had said, ‘Even now people keep asking why did Alibaba leave, where did he leave. I have never played the character of Ali. I was Ali and I am Ali. I never bit Simply breaking away from one bondage, you came into another bondage. What else. I think this is the quality of an artist who does not lock himself in one place. Keeps moving forward and should also move forward. That is called art. I am very happy that it all matters.

Sheezan Khan is out on bail

Sheejan Khan got bail from the court in March 2023. He was arrested in December, 2022 in Tunisha Sharma death case. Mother Vanita Sharma had alleged that the actor had instigated her daughter to commit suicide. After being in jail for 3 months, he was granted bail by the court on a surety of 1 lakh. After this, when he had to come to South Africa, he had taken permission from the court for that too.

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