shirts resembling nazi symbols

shirts resembling nazi symbols

Adidas German: Football is crazy all over the world. For this reason, during the match, fans are seen wearing the jerseys of their country and favorite team in the stadium. Although this happens with almost all sports. For this reason, sportswear manufacturing companies also keep doing new experiments regarding jerseys and kits, but sometimes fans get hurt by this. Recently Adidas has faced criticism due to its shirt and kit design.

Even today, people are filled with anger when talking about the massacre of Jews by the Nazis; people are unable to tolerate even symbols resembling those from that era. Adidas, a famous German company that manufactures sports wear and workout clothes, has faced criticism due to its shirts having symbols similar to Nazi symbols. In view of the criticism, Adidas and the German Football Federation have banned the sale of the GERMAN NATIONAL shirt number 44. Adidas and the Federation have taken this step of ban after social media users brought this matter to light. The company has said that it will redesign the number ‘4’.

Criticized due to similarity with English alphabet ‘SS’

In fact, the style in which 44 is written on the GERMAN NATIONAL shirt by Adidas is considered by critics to be similar to the English alphabet ‘SS’. Now the question arises that what is the objection in meeting the ‘SS’ of number 44 written on the shirt, then for its answer you will have to turn the pages of history. We all know that German dictator Adolf Hitler was an enemy of the Jews and neither the Jewish community nor the world has been able to forget the inhumane treatment he gave them during World War II. Actually the word ‘SS’ is the short form of Schulzstaffel, the paramilitary organization of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

‘SS’ was associated with the Genocide of Jews

This is the same organization that was tasked with the industrialized genocide of Jews across Europe. The ‘SS rune’ was created in 1999 and later became synonymous with the most horrific crimes committed by the Nazis. The responsibility of monitoring concentration camps, interrogating suspected traitors and running extermination camps like Auschwitz was on the shoulders of ‘SS’ members. In this camp, more than one million Jews were tortured and killed.

Historian Michael Koning first expressed concern

Before the protest on social media, historian Michael Koenig had expressed concern about these shirts or jerseys with numbers similar to Nazi symbols. In fact, Koenig was the first person to call the design of the kit questionable. The German away kit has faced controversy due to its pink colour. Although supporters say that the pink color reflects the diversity of Germany, critics claim that it is unconventional and that the pink color of the kit has been given to the kit by the German Football Association (DFB) for profit making purposes.

England fans angry with Nike

This is the second time in recent weeks that there has been controversy over an international football kit. Earlier, England fans had criticized the changes made to the St George’s Cross on the back of the team’s shirt collar. Nike used purple and navy blue along with the traditional red colors on the collar of the shirt it designed for the England football team. Nike claimed it did this to represent inclusiveness, but critics considered it offensive and against national traditions.

Germany is the host of the European Football Championship this year

This year the European Football Championship is to be held in Germany, whose matches will be played in 10 different cities. It will start on June 14 and in the first match the host team will face Scotland.

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