Sirajchi stopped bowling as per the information of the coach: Rohit Sharma

Sirajchi stopped bowling as per the information of the coach: Rohit Sharma

Colombo; circle organization: In the final match of Asia Cup 2023, India defeated Sri Lanka by 50 runs and 10 runs by rakhun. Or after victory, India became Athavyanda champion. In the final match, Mohammad Siraj bowled lethally and sent Sri Lankan batsmen to the pavilion with 7 sixes. Siraj made a historic spell and took 4 wickets, hitting a six. Due to his performance, Sri Lanka was bowled by Cumberde Modal. Had Sirajla got the opportunity to hit more sixes, perhaps he would have been able to take more wickets; But captain Rohit Sharma stopped him; But Rohit Sharma himself said after the meeting, what are the reasons for Sirajla’s name Rokhle and Yamagche.

After Mohammed Siraj completed his half-sixty in the Asia Cup final, captain Rohit Sharma went to the third-man bowler, his communication was limited and Siraj was prevented from hitting the second six. Rohit Sharma said, Siraj took seven sixes in that spell and seven sixes are too many, so he got a message from the trainer that he should stop him from coming.

Rohit said, Siraj would have been very eager to bowl. Yes, any batsman or bowler has a nature, he sees an opportunity and takes advantage of it. Here I am used as a captain. You don’t automatically give too much importance to giving spring and keeping everyone fresh, or I don’t make sure of anything.

Rohit Sharma was very appreciative of Siraj’s performance. Rohit said, it would have been very enjoyable to watch while sleeping. Compared to the other two, Siraj Kendula moved more. Not everyone can be a hero every day. Yes, the game is very good, because every day you get to see a different hero. Whenever (Siraj) used to spell, we all used to enjoy his bowling.

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