Situation worsens in Pakistan, police capture Imran Khan’s house, bulldozers run

Situation worsens in Pakistan, police capture Imran Khan’s house, bulldozers run

The situation in Pakistan is continuously getting worse. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief former prime minister Imran Khan And the Government of Pakistan has come face to face. When Imran Khan along with his workers left for Islamabad from his residence in Lahore to appear in the court in the Toshakhana case, a major accident took place in the middle of the way. The vehicles of the convoy collided with each other, in which three people were injured. Now news is coming that police action has started at Imran Khan’s house in Lahore. Bulldozer is being run at Imran’s house.

Firing on police from Imran Khan’s house

There is news quoting Pakistani media that the police is taking major action at Imran Khan’s house in Lahore. It is being told that the police have broken the gate and reached inside Imran’s house. During this, firing was done on the police from the terrace. PTI workers protested against the police action. Police has detained many supporters of Imran. While many PTI workers have been injured in the clash. Meanwhile, PTI tweeted and wrote, Police is trying to enter Imran Khan’s house. Where only Bhusra Bibi is present. We have not seen such acts even in martial law.

Police showered water on Imran supporters

in Lahore Imran Khan The police showered water on the supporters of The situation worsened when the police tried to enter Imran Khan’s house. At the same time the supporters protested against the police. In response, the police used water cannons on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters.

Imran Khan’s convoy was stopped before reaching Islamabad

There is also news that after the accident in the convoy, when Imran Khan was going to Islamabad with his supporters to appear in the court, he was stopped near the toll plaza.

Imran Khan made a serious allegation on the Government of Pakistan

Imran Khan made a serious allegation on the Shehbaz Sharif government of Pakistan. A conspiracy is being hatched to arrest me, he said. After the accident in the convoy, he tweeted and wrote, it has become clear that their aim is to take me to jail so that I cannot lead the election campaign. Despite getting bail in all the cases, the PDM government wants to arrest me. Despite knowing their malicious intentions, I am going to Islamabad and the court because I believe in the law. Even before this my house was attacked. This is all London plan.

What is the charge against Imran Khan, what is the Toshakhana case

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has filed a complaint against Khan for allegedly suppressing details of his gifts in asset declarations. Khan has been in controversy for buying gifts, including an expensive wristwatch, which he bought from Toshakhana at a discounted price and then sold to make a profit. Toshakhana established in the year 1974 is a department under the administrative control of Cabinet Division. Toshakhana stores valuable gifts received by Pakistani rulers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats and officials from governments of other countries, heads of states and foreign dignitaries. Imran Khan was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan in October last year for not sharing details of the sale.

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