Sonali Kulkarni: Sonali Kulkarni bought trouble by calling women lazy, people also ran with Urfi Javed

Sonali Kulkarni: Sonali Kulkarni bought trouble by calling women lazy, people also ran with Urfi Javed

A video of Sonali Kulkarni, who has done many Hindi films like ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, ‘Mission Kashmir’, ‘Taxi Number 9211’, ‘Singham’, is going viral. In it, she is saying such things about the girls of today, due to which everyone has turned red with anger. is targeting them. Sonali is saying in the interview for modern girls that she wants to settle down with a guy with money without doing anything. Social media sensation Urfi Javed has also reacted after this video surfaced.

Sonali Kulkarni is saying in the viral video – Many girls are lazy. They want a boyfriend or a husband who has a good job. Who has a house One who knows that he is going to get increments. But that girl does not have the courage to say what will I do when you marry me. I want to appeal to all of you to create such girls and women in your homes who are capable and can earn for themselves. Those who can say that we want to buy a new fridge in the house, then you give half the money and I will give half the money. I am not saying quarrels. I am not talking about quarreling. But he should have this much ability… because I don’t like it at all.

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Sonali Kulkarni knows how to cry for her brothers

Sonali further said – I have a distant friend. I will not tell much about him, she was looking for a boy for marriage, she told me that she does not want a job below 50 thousand. And it would have been better if he had stayed away. Who needs the hassle of mother-in-law and father-in-law and he must have a four wheeler. I said you have come to some mall! You want a person or you want some offers! This is very shameful. And I feel that when boys turn 18, there is pressure on them that their studies are about to end. Now the fun is over. Earn now Support the family. And I feel like crying for my brothers. for your husband.

Sonali Kulkarni gave advice to girls

Sonali further said- My husband was selected in the campus interview and that too when he was 20. He started earning. Why so…? While the girls turn 25, 27 years old, till then they keep on thinking and putting pressure on the boyfriend that sorry India does not want honeymoon. If there is a honeymoon, it will be abroad. And now don’t even ask. Destination wedding. There are pre wedding shoots. There are reels. All her expenses will be borne by the boyfriend or future husband. Why? If you want this luxurious life then what will you earn? You read yourself too. you find a job You go to 4 office. Ask if I can get the job done? This doesn’t happen. Then the girls say why did you look at me like this? This is not right. You don’t even need praise. If someone said good to you, then you will report to HR that you know why he said why to wear such clothes. Hey, listen to me. Why do you stay on edge so much?

Sonali Kulkarni gave her own example

Sonali further said- I am not talking about percentage. Not all women are like this but this type of aggression and demanding nature is increasing gradually. Why don’t we look at the situation and want things to be equal. You can also take care of the family. Paying the bills isn’t just your husband’s job. You never say that you have a holiday for the next 6 months. Look what a smile you get. I take pride in saying that I care for all the men in my life. Whosoever it may be. Because of the trust we share, I feel that.. I express my feelings through cooking.

Sonali Kulkarni mentioned reservation

Sonali further says- I think that is the biggest love from my side but there are other things beyond cooking. Which you can offer to your family, to your partner. So, I think that there is a need today for all those women who can say that we have got this much percentage in reservation, that is a different matter. That is the responsibility of the government. The government is fulfilling its responsibility on its behalf. But we also have some responsibilities. And we need to understand them and raise them as well.

Praise started on social media

Now after this the social media got divided into two groups. Where some praised these things of Sonali. At the same time, some got angry on them. Not only this, Urfi Javed, who is known for his outspokenness, has also vented his anger on Sonali Kulkarni. Whatever he has written on Twitter by retweeting his video, the public is also giving their reactions.

Urfi Javed replied to Sonali Kulkarni

Urfi wrote – Whatever you said, it is so insensitive. You are calling modern women lazy who are managing their work along with the house. What is wrong in wanting husband to earn well? Men for centuries saw women only as child vending machines and yes the main reason for marriage is dowry. Ladies don’t be afraid to ask or demand. Yes in this case you are right that women should work but it is a privilege that not every woman gets. Perhaps you are also entitled to see this.

People’s reaction came on Urfi’s tweet

After this post, people agreed to Urfi’s words. One wrote – You are right. I agree because I can’t relate to what this lady is saying. I don’t know if I have any friend who is not working. One user wrote – Very well said. Very few celebs have the guts to say so. At the same time, some criticized Urfi’s logic. One wrote in favor of Sonali – Sister, don’t prove the point unnecessarily. How insensitive? She is not talking about women who are managing both home and work. She is talking about those who want their husband to fulfill all their wishes without doing anything.

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