Soon every part of the medicine leaf will have full details

Soon every part of the medicine leaf will have full details

New Delhi: If you ask a chemist for any medicine, he often asks you to buy the whole leaf. But this situation may change soon. You can buy as many tablets as you need instead of taking a whole leaf of tablets or capsules. The Consumer Affairs Ministry is making a plan in this regard. According to this, manufacturing and expiry date will be visible in every part of the medicine leaf. In this way, even if you take a single tablet from the strip, it will have all the details. The ministry is working closely with the industry in this regard. Along with this, the option of printing QR code on both sides of the medicine leaflet or on each tablet is also being considered.

Sources say that these options are being considered in consultation with the industry. Chemists often ask customers to take a whole leaf instead of a single tablet. According to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH), there has been a spurt in the number of such complaints. NCH ​​is run by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Based on the data received from this, the ministry is considering various options. The ministry recently held consultations with representatives of the pharma and medical devices industry. Top officials of the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) also participated in it.

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use of new technology

Officials say that the issue was discussed in the meeting and the ministry suggested that new technology should be used for packaging of medicines. He said that forcing someone to buy the entire prescription of the medicine leads to wastage of the medicine and unnecessary burden on the customers. An official said, “We have suggested the use of perforation technology to tear the drug leaf. Also asked to print manufacturing and expiry date on every strip and use of QR code. Our focus is on the fact that there is no additional financial burden on the customers. Industry representatives say the cost of printing the QR code on each tablet could be less than 10 paise.

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