Strong tunnel found under Al-Shifa hospital: IDF

Strong tunnel found under Al-Shifa hospital: IDF

Tel Aviv (Uttam Hindu News): The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Sunday that it had found a reinforced tunnel beneath al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. “The tunnel was 55 meters long and 10 meters deep beneath the al-Shifa hospital complex,” the IDF said.

The IDF said a deep staircase leads to the entrance of the tunnel shaft, which contains various defense materials, including a blast-proof door and firing holes. “This type of door is used by the Hamas organization to prevent Israeli forces from entering command centers and underground assets belonging to Hamas,” the IDF said.

It said the tunnel shaft opened under a shed in the hospital area next to a vehicle containing a number of weapons, including RPGs, explosives and a Kalashnikov rifle. The IDF said the findings clearly prove that several buildings in the hospital complex are used by Hamas as cover for its operational infrastructure and activities. “This is evidence that Hamas uses Gaza residents as human shields for its activities,” the IDF said.

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