Surat: Seminar organized by Chamber on how business can grow through branding. Loktej Surat, Business News

Surat: Seminar organized by Chamber on how business can grow through branding.  Loktej Surat, Business News

South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches its first chapter under Entrepreneurs Forum Gateway. The Forum will be formed through a unique program as part of preparation for future entrepreneurship. Under which the first program is ‘How to grow your business through branding?’ Held on the topic. In which famous ad guru actor, director and writer Bharat Dabholkar and ICT/UDCT Harvard Business School alumnus Dr. Deepa Bhajekar gave essential guidance to entrepreneurs for product branding and business success.

Chamber of Commerce President Ramesh Vaghasia welcomed everyone in the program. Speaking to entrepreneurs about brands and branding, he said, ‘Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in front of them. A brand is a promise and a good brand believes in keeping the promise. It is said that if people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you.
According to an estimate, there were about 23.51 lakh registered trademarks in India as of 2020, with an annual increase of 4.5 lakh in the last two years. Most of these annual trademark applications come from Maharashtra, followed by Delhi at second place and Gujarat at third place. He further said that the combined market value of India’s top 50 brands is about Rs 8.3 lakh crore. He requested the entrepreneurs to brand various products of Surat and make them famous in the world.

Ad guru actor, director and writer Bharat Dabholkar said that for commercial success the product must have substance. There are many manufacturers making the same product but your product should be unique, so he advised entrepreneurs to be creative. What you put in the minds of buyers and how you communicate with them is most important, he said. Bharat Dabholkar further said that for product branding, it is important to have self-regulation about what we are showing to buyers in advertising and what impact it will have on people. Apart from this, he also talked to the entrepreneurs about their self auto rickshaw.

Describing Gujarat as the land of entrepreneurs, Dr. Deepa Bhajekar said that business is in the blood of Gujaratis. People of Gujarat prefer to employ thousands of people through their business rather than doing jobs, that is why Gujarat is the land of entrepreneurs. Courage, enterprise, patience and hard work are the most important factors to succeed in business. Without which success in business is impossible.

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