Tech News: These 10 AI tools of Google are absolutely free, all your work will be done soon

Tech News: These 10 AI tools of Google are absolutely free, all your work will be done soon

Ever since the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there has been a lot of change in the world of technology. AI is gradually spreading all over the world. In terms of technology, many people are using AI extensively for daily tasks. In such a situation, Google has also released AI tools, you too can make all the work easier through these tools. Let us tell you about these 10 AI tools.

google gemini

It is an AI chatbot like ChatGPT, this tool will give you new ideas and answer all your questions. Gemini is kind of multimodal. With its help, you can process all the information including text, code, audio, photo and video and can easily understand it.

text to speech

Through this AI tool, you can write all the text by speaking without pen and notepad. Text to Speech will instantly convert your spoken words to text. Taking notes and transcribing is very easy using this tool.

auto draw

Auto Draw is an AI tool from Google Labs. It is an online app that lets you draw anything using machine learning. The special thing about this tool is that it automatically corrects your odd-teddy drawing. It can easily identify your skills. You can also use this tool for drawing.

Natural Language API

Through this AI tool of Google, it eliminates the distance between humans and machines. With the help of Natural Language API, you can examine the text, translate the language and get important information.

video intelligence

With the help of this AI tool of Google, you can immediately detect video shots, faces, famous celebrities, clear content, logos, text. The first Rs.1000 per month is available free from this tool.

google magenta

This Google tool develops creativity. This AI tool helps you in composing music and helps you in composing music. It uses machine learning technology to create music.

tensorflow playground

TensorFlow Playground teaches you coding concepts and the basics to create your own AI tools through this AI tool. You do not need to have coding experience to use this tool.

cloud vision

With this special AI tool of Google, you can analyze any photo. This tool is very useful for analyzing photos.

dialogue flow

If you want to create your own intelligent assistant, then this dialogue flow is the best option for you. This tool does this work very easily. You can create AI conversations without any programming wizards.


Do you also want to portray your imagination then this tool is for you. With the help of this tool, you can convert your written information into AI photo.

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