That’s why mango is called the king of fruits, it gives amazing benefits

That’s why mango is called the king of fruits, it gives amazing benefits

As the summer season is spreading its legs, the mention of sweet fruits like mangoes has already started. Mango is a seasonal fruit which is available only in summer. Mango is called the king of fruits. It is so sweet and delicious that everyone is crazy about it. M is also very beneficial for our health. It completes the amount of water in the body due to the high amount of water. Not only this, but there are many other benefits of eating mango which will surprise you.

1. If the children have the habit of eating mud, then to get rid of it, mix the powder of mango seed kernel in water and give it to them two or three times a day, it will kill stomach worms.

2. Take a ripe mango and roast it in the fire. When it cools down, suck it slowly, it is beneficial in dry cough.

3. Make powder by drying mango leaves in shade, consuming 5-5 grams of it with water in the morning and evening for 20-25 days continuously is beneficial in diabetes.

4. By eating ripe mangoes and drinking warm milk on top, defecation comes freely, which cleanses the stomach and gets rid of constipation.

5. Take out the kernel of mango kernel, dry it and make fine powder of it. Using this powder as a gargle is beneficial in pyorrhea and all dental diseases.

6. Making and drinking raw mango panna cures heat stroke and uneasiness caused by heat.

7. Vitamin A present in mango increases eyesight.

8. Eating mango reduces the pimples on the face.

9. Mango enhances digestion power.

10. Juice of fresh mango leaves is given by herbalists for acidity control. Grind the fresh leaves (about 10 grams) with 50 ml of water. Acidity goes away by drinking this juice.

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