The trouble of ‘Tere Bin’! The latest episode did not live up to the expectations, fans of Murtasim-Meerab disappointed

The trouble of ‘Tere Bin’!  The latest episode did not live up to the expectations, fans of Murtasim-Meerab disappointed

Pakistani serial ‘Tere Bin’ has tremendous fan following in India too. Since this show is available for free on YouTube, Indian fans watch it with great interest. This serial was running at number one in the TRP list for about 40 episodes. The sour-sweet love story of Murtasim Khan (Wahaj Ali) and Meerab (Yumna Zaidi) was heart touching. The show’s story, dialogues and strong acting of each star were being highly praised, but in the last few weeks, a lot has happened that the show has started to disappear from the eyes of the people. There has been a lot of criticism. Negative things are being written on social media. It was expected that something new and different would be seen in the new episodes on Wednesday and Thursday, but these hopes of the fans have been dashed. Now even memes have started being made regarding the show. After all, what happened in the last episode that the makers are getting upset, let us tell you.

First, let us tell you what was shown in the Thursday, May 25 episode of Tere Bin. Murtasim is standing at a deserted place in the night and reminiscing his old memories with Mirab. Bakhtu (bodyguard) explains to them that it is late night, now they should go home. But Murtasim says that ‘this is the night of doom, let it be postponed’. On the other hand Meerab leaves the house and goes away. She boards a bus, which is going to Karachi. She does not have money for the ticket, so she takes off the gold chain from her neck and gives it away. She reaches her ‘Muhbole’ parents’ house, but does not dare to go inside. She leaves from there. When Murtasim reaches home in the morning, he learns that sister Mariam’s husband Naurej has arrived. He tells Murtasim and his mother-in-law that he knows everything about Maryam and Malik Zubair. Everyone is surprised to hear this. But Naurez says that he loves Maryam, so he knows how to forgive her misbehavior.

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Episode 48 of Tere Bin serial:

What’s in next week’s teaser?

Next week’s teaser has been released. It is shown that Murtasim comes to know that Marib has left home, so he unites the earth and sky to find her. Will Mirab find him? Or will there be a leap in the show? This will be known only next week.

Fans were shocked to see the episode

Now talking about the last episode, the fans got shocked after watching it. The first blow is that there were more flashback scenes in the entire episode. So the audience did not get to see much. Apart from this, people are questioning that even if something had happened between Meerab and Murtasim, then it is not such a big deal that she should leave the house. It is clearly known that the scene of ‘marital rape’ was shot, but under pressure after the ruckus, the makers changed the story in a hurry, due to which it was no longer the same thing in the show.

See this tweet, what is the public saying

The first episode of ‘Tere Bin’ serial was telecast on 28 December 2022. It stars Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in the lead roles. It is directed by Siraj-ul-Haq. You can also watch it on Geo TV.

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